Friday, December 20, 2013

Shifting Blame.....

So I'm sitting here pretty fucking pissed off at the moment. Here's something about me. You can say a lot of things to me, do a lot of things to me, and I'll more than likely either laugh it off, not give a shit, or if I am single find a way to charm a women close to you to sleep with me to drive you insane to no end. There are two very important things to me though that if I don't get every day when I wake up, bright and early around 2pm, that will drive me fucking insane. That's when you mess with my nicotine or my caffeine intake. I'd say money and sex but honestly those things are arbitrary by comparison. I can work an odd job and/or jerk off if I'm in a pinch even though doing both at the same time is illegal since we live in a country that is apathetic towards violence but get's a hair up it's ass when the word rim job is spoken in public. Needless to say I'm having to drink tea right now and that alone makes me want to skull fuck Harry Potter to death with Mary Poppins' umbrella.

There's this awesome invention that has come out in the past few years called the Kurig coffee maker and its awesome due to the fact that I can make a perfect cup of coffee with a process similar to putting a game cartridge into one of those 8-Bit Nintendo system that nerds rose tint like it was the  gaming console equivalent of Marilyn Monroe's snatch. Most people buy the plastic single cups, as do I, but as a back up I keep a re-usable one for when those run out so I can put coffee grounds into it. There is only one problem: THE FUCKING THING IS NO WHERE TO BE FOUND!!! Let's just say some cabinet doors have been slammed and I have said some remarks to myself that the Rothschild family probably wouldn't be fond of.

I also called the suspected individual who interfered with my coffee consumption about the whereabouts of my reusable Kurig cartridge and she basically gave me the "I don't know treatment" albeit being obsessive compulsive about anything that can go into a dish washer. When I pushed her to try and remember where it was she said "Maybe you should have remembered where you put it?". She would have been right if SHE DIDN'T MOVE THE FUCKING THING FROM WHERE I REMEMBER PUTTING IT!!!! This was nothing more than the presentation of a train of thought that has led to such atrocities as the Holocaust and Hello Kitty. You see it all the time when someone points out something logical yet contradictory to someone's opinion and their response is to use pseudo-logical to wrap it back into their cognitive dissonance and optimism. They don't care about whether their logic agrees with reality, they just agree about whether the popular opinion agrees with it or not. Let me give you a little bit of information. The popular opinion is usually wrong; just take a look at religious zealots trying to explain reality and falling flat on their face on Fox News like Megyn Kelly. I mean that bitch is so dumb she wants to bring up an debate based on race baiting based on a fictional character. Then again her entire life is based on a fictional character.

This is called circular reasoning and you see it everywhere. Almost everyone does it and it's fucking retarded. The point of any debate is to discuss contradictory perspectives with the goal of coming to a solution to an agreed upon problem. That's not what you see now a days as debates have turned into nothing more than who can be "more right". This is also fucking stupid because if a debate ends without a solution then the entire debate was utterly pointless. You would solved more by going to jerk off to Megyn Kelly's lips and how she must be so awesome at the sexual technique of "just laying there". This is what pissed Hitler off about people and made him want to take that anger out on Jews, Gypsies, Poles, Russians, homosexuals, and the disabled. Since throwing jerk offs  that argue in a circular fashion into a gas chamber isn't exactly consider kosher; thanks Hitler you dick.

In reality circular is just a method of shifting blame instead of holding yourself accountable. Hitler just wanted people to hold themselves accountable and he felt the Jews always would shift the blame towards someone else. He started to see this as a "problem" that needed a "solution". While the people of Europe and the world at large were using circular reasoning to clean up after the shit show of trench of warfare that was World War I Hitler was thinking of a way to kill the fuck out of all the people that he saw as inferior. In theory it was a novel concept, albeit pretty morbid, but in reality you can't overcome stupidity in that manner because no matter how smart you are or how many bombs you have there will always be someone dumber with more bombs that are bigger and powerful; hence why the United States, Russia, and Great Britain came out on top. Of course after all was said and the Concentration camps were "discovered" people didn't think that shifting blame might be a bad idea in a world that has psychopath's like Mr. Adolf.

The point is people are more concerned about labels than solutions. The issue with my Kurig cartridge could have been solved by some contemplation and if the person that lost it couldn't remember they could have just said so, bought another, and the problem would have been solved just like if the world could focus more on solving problems than blaming others then maybe we wont have to have another World War or Holocaust. The bottom line is that people need to stop thinking with their egos and instead think based on reality because it's pretty easy to solve shit when the you look at the evidence that's right in front of you. Even Hitler missed that part. For as anti-Semitic as he was you would have though he would have heard about how dogmatic they were towards money and maybe enslaved them to Accounting Camp? Last time I checked economics required a lot of concentration too. Way to go Hitler; Fucking idiot.

Monday, December 16, 2013

I Can't Wait for Women to Run the World.....

Many people that read my blog and rants on social media draw many conclusions, some true, some not, but the one that always cracks me up is when they accuse of being sexist. It's even funnier when they do it while at the same time also accuse me of being a man whore. It is true that I am a man whore, a label which I am actually proud of since it's one that actually does require talent on both a physical and intellectual level, especially when you aren't in the tax bracket that allows you to pay for a porn star without a second thought. That very fact alone should prove that women do find something endearing about me and that fact is that I do in fact "Get" them. I may not know every single detail of the female reproductive system or the misery of hot flashes, menopause, PMS, or child birth but I do get how they want to be treated; as human beings just like anyone else. This is a fact that most men fail to realize and why after the bars closed they can be found at your nearest strip club or clicking off of red tube and depositing a jizz infused paper towel into the nearest trash receptacle. Women are human beings, they just happen to be human beings that guys can have sex with while have the uncanny ability to bleed for multiple days in a row without dying and can basically support themselves financially by popping out kids like Pez Dispensers, in 9 month increments on average, to collect child support if they so choose to.

"Went to Hip Hop night; totally worth it."

Now don't get me wrong, on a genetic level there are undeniable differences between men and women and those differences serve no other purpose than for reproduction to further the human species down the path of space and time. It's to ensure the survival of the species so that we can come up with even more inventive ways spread and consume like pathogens that invented soap and waste their time bitching about Miley Cyrus riding a wrecking ball in her birthday suit or how Barack Obama wants to take everyone's guns while sipping on their Mocha Tool-achinos at their nearest Starbucks. The rest of the perceived differences is merely the result of sexist dogmas born from generations of social conditioning from such stupid human cults endeavors such as religion and government which should be easily apparent in religions apathetic attitude towards rape. I mean how could either concept be effective in controlling the masses if they didn't believe in forcing themselves on people; male or female? The truth is that this issue arises from the simple fact that when humans begin to form distinct tribes or herds they develop a rape mentality towards other groups that they perceive as different and it goes all the way down to the argument of gender equality.

 In the past century there has been a dramatic shift in this debate starting with the passage of the Nineteenth Amendment which gave women the right to vote. Yeah there were a couple of World Wars afterwards but that was more due to wealthy families slithering their way into diplomatic affairs, worldwide, than women having a say in their own government. If you are going to be sexist at least get your facts straight prior.
The big deal in the 21st century is the likelihood of a woman being Commandeer in Chief of 'Murica which scares the shit out of those Tea Party jerkoffs more than the prospect that the book they base their lives on is a complete work of fiction (hint: It is you fucking idiots). The reason for this these people in a fairy tale world where women are supposed to be nothing more than slaves who wear make up, cook, vacuum, and pop out babies according to the one book they base their entire lives on. You know? Instead of reading from all possible sources and coming to their own conclusions but then again that would actually require the use brain cells. Something that they tend to frown upon and just like all idiots it has now grown into a terrorist network herd called the Tea Party. This isn't a liberal argument either as I have my own an issues with those hipster loving jerk offs.
Now even though this candidate is Hillary Clinton I still feel it is a step in the right direction for our country and humanity itself.  I am also coming to this conclusion on a purely male "I think Gladiator was fucking awesome" basis. A country and world that is run by women would actually be quite ideal for me and yes it does due to the prospect of any future debates or arguments I get in with members of the female genders. Here are some possible examples shortly after Hillary is inaugurated:
1. At dinner at a fancy restaurant or Applebee's:
Girl: "Split the bill. Are you fucking kidding me? You're a man, you should pay the bill."
Me: (Getting my Beyoncé) "Who runs the world? Girls. Who runs the world? Girls. And if you liked the meal you better leave a tip with it."
2. During sex:
Girl: "I don't want to get on top."
Me: "Well babe, women are on top of the world now. Do you really want to be the weak link?"
3. During an argument about being unemployed:
Girl: "You're a man. You should get a job and get to work."
Me: "Y'all run the world now. Y'all should fix the economy to help the job market."
As you can see a women being president would be like having a bullet of logic cocked and loaded in the chamber for pretty much any argument I ever encounter with women in regards to gender. It would probably fuel my ego to no end and make my life even more fun than Grand Theft Auto and impromptu public sex acts on rooftops. A lot of guys would think that it would be Armageddon but that's because most guys are pussies and couldn't stand the prospect of a woman being in charge of their quality of life but these are also the same type of guys that think a women are genetically wired to shut down a pregnancy after rape occurs. They are also the type that scream words such as "Rapture", "End of Days", and "Anti-Christ". Who knows? Maybe that is the Anti-Christ to men; a women that can perform at their job better than they can.

Fuck "Foodies" and their Siracha....

So I discovered another herd of  English speaking walking skin bags of blood, bone, organs, and fecal matter that share their drama in the freak show that we call 'Murica.  This siracha soaked jizz stain of humanity that takes bride in discovering the one restaurant in their municipality that has concocted the perfect marinade to make an ox's asshole palatable along with the proper wine matching while jerking off to life advice from Guy Fiere call themselves "Foodies". Just think hippies minus the pussy ass vegetarianism and bad hygiene where their preferred Viatnamese themed hot sauce that for all we know could be based on what Vietnam's people thought that Ho Chi Minh's semen was made of is mentioned every 15 seconds. It's just another stupid train of thought that justifies the existence of such things retarded primate endeavors as Toyota Priuses and Megan Fox's acting career.

Now don't get me wrong, I am a huge fan of food because I kind of need it to survive. It's what gives me the energy to do shit such as walking, talking, thinking, breathing, working out, and of course shitting out what doesn't get converted for my metabolic needs. I am also glad that there are chefs out there that are looking to expand their horizons to come up with creative dishes and combine food items that were unimaginable prior. Any form of food production is an art. Some make cuisines that is worthy of Picasso while others make pink paste from emulsified chicken parts that you wouldn't exactly consider edible, bread it, and serve it at your nearest McDonalds. In a similar way that those who make art with paint, words, math, or any other tool, cooking has it's own elitist minded bandwagon. Honestly, they are on par as far being annoying goes as hipsters.

In reality what makes them annoying is in the way they think and act like they are exceptional. Think about it. This is a group of people that think they are special merely due to the fact that they think they have a special taste in culinary cuisine in the cool and edgy sense. They think they are special because they like food. At least hipsters have their general attire standing out for the purposes of distinction. Foodies one the other hand have no other distinction than using the word "Foodie" which sounds like some clichéd pick up line that Anthony Bourdain would use on an 18 year old in Amsterdam that barely understood English. I can make a list of foods that I like which would classify me as a "Foodie" but unlike these dimwitted cum quotients I don't live my life through labels. I have eaten some very extravagant things such as a pigs eyeballs but that doesn't make special; it just means that I am curious and open minded. That's all foodies are but labeling it totally contradicts themselves because they give into a herd mentality with it.

I mean yes, bacon goes great with everything. Also it does suck that the California legal system is fucking over the Huy Fong Foods company, owned by David Tran (I doubt you "Foodies" knew that shit) on a basis that seems to have no plausible legitimacy and is just more proof of how much the rule of law only applies in our country when their is a profit to be had. Hopefully the issue will get resolved for logic sake but at the same time it's not exactly the Tuskegee Experiment they are performing either. I'm sure in reality it's just the State of California trying to hustle him for money at the behest of lobbyists since they probably feel that hot sauce should only be a gimmick of Mexico. Bear in mind this is the same state where the eugenics movement started. The last thing they want is some guy that they probably refer to as a gook behind close doors while smoking cigars and laughing about the last stripper they were snorting a line off of.

Foodies don't care about that shit though. They just care about their fucking sauce and food truck that's opening near their favorite Starbucks. They don't give a shit about injustice. Just like hippies and hipsters the only they give a fuck about is "Having a Nice Day" and "Nicer world" which sounds quite altruistic until you realize what they consider nice is when things are on their terms which is quite bigoted. Go ahead and scream fascist if you want but the last time I checked expecting reality to conform to your desires is what the Nazi's did. So in closing here's my salute to the bigots that claim to like food in an exceptional manner as opposed to myself.

Friday, December 13, 2013

"Watching" Porn...

So apparently the new "in" thing for people that are jumping on the Miley Cyrus wanna-be hoe wagon is bragging about how they "watch" porn. This is just another example of stupid human behaviors that has caught on with the gullible masses of 'Murica. It's a stupid thing to brag about and not for ideological reasons based on fairy tales such as America being the "Land of the Free"  or that Jesus Christ was a real person. I can go on and on about how bragging about watching porn is stupid beyond all reason and doubt  but I don't have to. I can point out one simple fucking reason as to why people that brag about such a thing that makes your laptop a club house for mal-ware and Trojan horses that attempts to trick you into sending $400 to the F.B.I. because it claims there is child porn on your computer is fucking retarded. One simple reason:



People WATCH Modern Family...

People WATCH Breaking Bad or the Walking Dead...

People WATCH Jeopardy.....

I don't go on Google to find the latest episode of Alex Trebek asking 40 year old virgin librarians meaningless questions about Edgar Allen Poe's drinking habits and how it led to the creative process involving "The Raven" so that I can make my uncircumcised cock do pushups till it throws up. If I did though I would probably have to give myself enough time to recover so I could shoot a Daily Double into a slightly moistened paper towel.

 "Don't forget about saving some for Final Jeopardy involving historical events in the Opium Trade."
People MASTERBATE to porn. Watching is just a small fraction of the self imposed ejaculatory process. That fraction involves watching such things as my favorite porn stars getting dicked over by cocks that look like they were transplanted from a horse. It involves watching Lacey Duvalle fucking "some mechanic" on a stack of tires for or watching Jessica Bangkok getting jizz covered like a glazed doughnut on It doesn't involve grasping further understanding the subliminal themes in regards to our socioeconomic infrastructure when Veronica Avluv takes on 5 guys on a "sport team" at the same time on The only part where where my eyes are involved is to keep track of how wet Oliva O'Lovey's labia gets while she is fucking a fellow male porn star in a barber shop while Lacey Duvalle and Jenaveve Jolie help out by properly servicing the rest of the male "customers". 
Bottom line is porn is a masturbatory aid that is designed to help you out when your usual booty calls are busy and you don't want to act desperate to the point of making them feel objectified by the label. It involves as much thought process as taking a flaming dump from those Smoking Buffalo Wings from Kicken Chicken 8 hours prior. It's about keeping your sexual urges from driving you nuts. That's it. That's all there is to it. "Watching" actually requires sitting and listening (or paying attention to closed captioning if you are hard of hearing) and the last time I checked I usually kept my porn on mute because I didn't exactly need to risk waking up the person in the next room because they can't stand the sound of Gianna Michaels saying, "Cum on my fucking face".

I "WATCH" Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman because that shit is enlightening and Morgan Freeman does alot of things for me but giving me an urge to shoot testicular proto fluid isn't one of them.

Monday, December 9, 2013

A Year in Memes

2013 has been an interesting year. We learned that governments on are hell bent on infiltrating our minds just like everyone else. Nature was mad, and is having hot flashes. Miley Cyrus showed there is no limit to how low the bar can go even if I doubt she is as skilled as she thinks she is. We also learned that humanity is on the bargaining table for another year, hopefully. Anyway here are some pics from around the world getting the Meme-treatment. I'll add more up till to the new year.:





Thursday, December 5, 2013

The N-word

 So I started doing standup comedy at a bar called Joe Pasta’s on Tuesday nights. The first night doing it I noticed there was definitely an issue which has become a hedge for any sort of socioeconomic harmony in our society. It’s a word that has roots in one of the darkest stages in the development of our nation and world abroad. It says a lot about our species. How ugly it can be, ho...w ugly it was, and how ugly it still is.
There was a guy, African-American or mixed possibly for accuracy sake, that got on stage and made his case for why white people should be allowed to use the N-word.

Given the fact that I live in THE town whose history overlaps with that word abundantly you can only imagine how well that went over given the fact that the host is a 6’4 230 lb African-American Male whom looks like Mr. Clean with a goatee trimmed to a Montel Williams level of precision. To his credit he kept his cool but made it abundantly clear that the use of that word was not cool. I got where the guy whom was making the case for all the pale faces out there was coming from even if he went about it the wrong way.

Race is still an issue in this country which goes to show how slowly we have evolved as ‘Muricans and now a days everyone seems to have an itchy trigger finger when it comes to dealing with any issue regarding to race. Personally, I feel it’s gotten to the point where issues of Civil and Human rights have degenerated into race-baiting. It’s quite moronic given the fact that there are greater prejudices taking place, i.e. prejudices against those with neurological quirks such as psychopathy and autistic disorders. Let’s be honest, racism has gone from a legit civil rights issue to a marketing gimmick, unless you get pulled over by the cops. To me it’s nothing more than a joke and those who still base their lives on race are really depriving themselves of a fun sex life. If you are curious I have a preference for mixed race women because it’s like the mixed martial arts of pussy; all the best parts without the defects since they deal with racism on all sides and tend to be the odd ones out which I can relate to, and use for the purposes of seduction.

Also I have actually been on many sides of the race issue, i.e. African-Americans calling me “cracka”, getting pulled over by North Charleston cops under the assumption I was selling a 14 year African-American drugs even though in reality I was just getting Taco-Bell for his older sister that I was hooking up with, having one of the hottest girls I have ever slept with in my life (1/2 Mexican, ¼ African American, and ¼ Native American) getting pissed off at me for having sex with a chick not due to the actual act but due to the fact that said girl was racist, etc. Bottom line I live in a town where racism is basically an underlying socio-economic factor to it’s infrastructure.

It’s part of why I call Charleston the “Inertia City Brought to you By the Bible and Firefly Vodka” and why Tucker Max said that the State of South Carolina was built from “blood and cotton”.
Don’t get me wrong I’m no saint when it comes to the issues of race and have said things that I’m not exactly proud of and it was under the logic that white people use now a days to complain about why they can’t say the N-Word anymore. We’ve all heard it and while at first the logic seems sound it becomes over time why it is faulty besides the fact that it will more than likely get your social life down the drain faster than Michael Richard’s career. The logic goes like this:

White People: “Well if black guys can say it then why can’t we say it.”

This basically goes along with the whole reverse racism argument that White Anglo Saxon Protestant’s preach and it’s fucking stupid. These are the same jerk offs that are afraid of everything including multiple sex partners, recreational use of class 1 controlled psychoactive narcotics, how they look in the mirror, their quinoa being over cooked, and whether their tampons are environmentally friendly while throwing them out the side window of their Toyota Priuses while frantically trying to find a parking spot for the Dave Matthews concert. These are the same people that cite every instance of black-on-white crime whenever George Zimmerman or Trayvon Martin is brought up in regards to African-Americans being racist. My response:


I mean white people complaining about racism would be a lot like Jerry Sandusky complaining about having a bleeding asshole after washing off in the prison showers. I mean I’m a third generation American and my ancestors came thru Ellis Island. None of mine owned cotton plantations or used slave labor due to the fact the we never came from a privileged sect of society. Also when the slave trade is brought up no one mentions the Irish and how much their people have been shit on by Protestants through the centuries by forced servitude. It doesn’t matter when you are constantly bombarded by the fact that of the suffering of your great-great-great grandparents from the first grade through high school till college especially when you live in this part of the country. It’s why although Chris Rock was born in Georgetown, SC he doesn’t frequent it, and why “Smokin” Joe Frazier got out of Beaufort, SC when he did. They realized how retarded the concept of racism is especially when you take into account the fact that skin color is nothing more than an evolutionary adaptation to Ultra-Violet light. It’s why people indigenous to places closer the equator have darker skin tone and why people further from it have lighter ones. That’s all it is. The rest is just cultural conditioning and programming; brain washing if you will.

With that said this is why the N-word needs to do what it should have done the day Martin Luther King Jr. gave his famous (albeit plagiarized) “I Have A Dream Speech”. It needs to be allowed to die and laid to rest only to be read about in the history books as a reminder of how ugly we can be and have been in our past so that we don’t repeat it in the future, because no matter how open minded we are that word is always going to hurt. Look at all the damage that it caused. Maybe once that word is allowed to die we’ll finally start judging people based on their character; like we are supposed to. Maybe then we’ll stop being an even uglier N-word; NAÏVE.


Monday, December 2, 2013

I Charge Genocide

The United States Public School System does nothing more than implement eugenic policies that demonizes and dehumanizes those with autistic spectrum, anti social personality, narcissistic, and psychopathic disorders and are negligent to the abuse they endure on a daily basis in our public systems. This system is what creates serial killers and mass murderers and is why such individuals commit such acts of malice at later stages in life.

It can be seen in mainstream media as well where psychopaths are always portrayed as killers, murderers, villains, etc. We have been subject to this stereotype by a society that is run and operated by the United States Government and Corporate Media. With that said I Charge Genocide against the United States Government as well as The Federal Reserve, World Bank, Exxon, Fox News, CNN, NBC, ABC, Big Pharma, the NRA, as well as the Governments of Russia, China, And Saudi Arabia.
We want to be treated like human beings, not have a pill shoved down our throats.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Being "Nice"…

I read an interesting fact the other day on reddit. Throughout the entire history of our species we have been at peace as a species 8% of the time. From the time that Homo Erectus gave way to Homo Sapiens, probably because Erectus got erect too early, we have been “nice” to each other 8% of the time……….. NICE. I mean given the fact that Fox News, CNN, NBC, ABC, Bank of America, JP MorganChaseTheLeaseonYourSoul, GoldmadSachsYourAsshole, and Wal-Mart still exist tells me that we have problems and there ain’t shit Houston can do about it never mind Tom Hanks’s menstruating goat-tee………. He has a goatee according to the last movie he played a bitch in right?........Tom Hanks will not be in the Expendables ever.

NICE…AT PEACE….Do you know what constitutes peace? Do people even understand what the word “peace” means in terms of the history of our global socio-economic evolution? It means times when we haven’t had to worry about a squadron of trained killers raiding our towns, raping our women, kidnapping kids for brainwashing via their sovereignty if the “showers” are full, making advertising signs out of human body parts that would make Charlie Manson blush, and honestly I think they only took into account countries North of The Equator and Australia for that one. I’m damn sure they didn’t take Antarctica into account because as far as we are concerned it’s nothing more than an icy Earth nipple that’s probably melting which only raises the concerns of those that eat quinoa.

Our definition of “being nice” is not raping people, male or female for the sake of political correctness, on MASSIVE SCALES while using the ones that are unrape-able for the sake experimentation with our lovely theories on biological, chemical, and nuclear warfare as well as torture tactics such as water-boarding which sounds like the equivalent of going down a 15-mile waterslide feet first, face down, ass up. Well maybe the ass up part is what it feels like to their egos. And this is for countries that have a McDonalds and don’t get the confused puppy look when hearing the word “Starbucks”. 8% PERCENT OF THE TIME.

That’s mind boggling when put into perspective but here is my attempt to Morgan Freeman it. COMPARED TO OUR HISTORY, AS A SPECIES, THE CURRENT STATE OF AFFAIRS IS CONSIDERED “NICE”…………..Our current state is considered tame, jovial, jolly, friendly………even charming. Our day of Mexican Drug Cartels, Biker Gangs, Terrorists, mass shootings by frankenstiens manufactured by Big Pharma/bad parenting, George Zimmerman, Michael Jackson being systematically poisoned under the veil of negligence, fear mongering over Iran, China, North Korea, whatever-who-gives-a-fuck Jihad region of the world is considered friendly, maybe even a little “competitive”. Our state of hacking, domestic and foreign spying, drone strikes, austerity, corporate welfare bailouts, polonium poisoning, over-perscription of antibiotics, fracking, aborting fetuses like its wart removal, and putting out kill lists for whistle blowers is considered

A world that demonizes drug use as criminal instead of making sense out of it as medical is considered cozy and comforting. A society where politicians use race-baiting to win elections is considered logical. A world where some people are now understanding that the word “no” might really mean “no” is considered progress. PROGRESS. Not raping your fellow man or woman is considered a step in the right direction. 3.5 Billion years of evolution and we are just now thinking…………… “HMMMMMMMMMMM……..Maybe it’s time that we grow the fuck up and learn to share like we are taught to do in kindergarten.” What a thought huh? And it only took the internet for that revelation to come about
We now are realizing, thanks to a system of fiber optic cables that can communication information across oceans at the speed of light, that we have a planet that has been primarily been ruled over by a species of animal that is so egocentric and narcissistic in nature that they feel murder can be justified by such petty differences as whose clique has the more powerful imaginary friend. A species who came up with a way to split atoms and the popular idea was, “How can we wreck some other country’s shit with this?”

A reality where good times is considered not getting jumped while walking out of a bar in Detroit or not groggily waking up in a college dorm while student athletes take turns on you. A reality where drug and banking cartels are embedded by foreign and domestic cartels; for your “safety”; a reality where the people are now wising up to the fact the most destructive of weapons is not nuclear but economic. Nuclear bombs will wipe you out in the blink of an eye but economics will persuade you to put a pill in your mouth or a glock if you aren’t in the desired tax bracket.
Our perception of “Nice” is now based on an illusion of political correctness instead of genuine compassion. I would say human compassion but that term holds as much legitimacy no as “political science”.

We have become a society that is nothing more than a glory hole for the corporate and banking elite where the holes are few but those whom provide “services” are many and plentiful whom will willingly wipe the residual off their lips with a smile as long as there is a Playstation or fancy necklace that is not of the pearl variety there plenty that walk around with the tell-tale glimmer of those. Those that call out the process for the spade that it is are called “ignorant”, “offensive”, “demeaning”, “rude”, and now even “radical” or “terrorist”.

Our understanding of “Nice” has taken technology, math, and science from ideas that were supposed to increase our quality of life but now do nothing more than imprison us in perpetual paranoia and anxiety with the men in lab coats salivating at the prospect of a new guinea pig while their ad execs push Congress for more wars in regions rich in opium, hemp, cocaine, while manufacturing synthetics that are even more dangerous than the drugs which our governments claim to wage war on. Wars that line the pockets of those whom get serviced at those glory holes since when your life is based on seeing compassion as weakness it makes it easier to spray that load on a face without having to acknowledge its existence since ignorance is supposedly bliss.

And what of the most dangerous drugs? The ones that are the products of fermentation and agriculture? They are labeled as legal despite the overwhelming statistics that prove the danger; because it’s a “Nice” thing to do. Maybe the truth is that what those in control consider "nice" is only "nice" to them. Maybe the nicest thing to do for them is systematically paying them to poison your mind, body, and conscience while lining their pockets to the point of self-termination. Maybe that’s why acts of malice are still glorified while acts of reproduction are demonized. Why men’s rights are of central focus while women’s rights are considered a nuisance.

Nice world we live in huh?