Friday, December 20, 2013

Shifting Blame.....

So I'm sitting here pretty fucking pissed off at the moment. Here's something about me. You can say a lot of things to me, do a lot of things to me, and I'll more than likely either laugh it off, not give a shit, or if I am single find a way to charm a women close to you to sleep with me to drive you insane to no end. There are two very important things to me though that if I don't get every day when I wake up, bright and early around 2pm, that will drive me fucking insane. That's when you mess with my nicotine or my caffeine intake. I'd say money and sex but honestly those things are arbitrary by comparison. I can work an odd job and/or jerk off if I'm in a pinch even though doing both at the same time is illegal since we live in a country that is apathetic towards violence but get's a hair up it's ass when the word rim job is spoken in public. Needless to say I'm having to drink tea right now and that alone makes me want to skull fuck Harry Potter to death with Mary Poppins' umbrella.

There's this awesome invention that has come out in the past few years called the Kurig coffee maker and its awesome due to the fact that I can make a perfect cup of coffee with a process similar to putting a game cartridge into one of those 8-Bit Nintendo system that nerds rose tint like it was the  gaming console equivalent of Marilyn Monroe's snatch. Most people buy the plastic single cups, as do I, but as a back up I keep a re-usable one for when those run out so I can put coffee grounds into it. There is only one problem: THE FUCKING THING IS NO WHERE TO BE FOUND!!! Let's just say some cabinet doors have been slammed and I have said some remarks to myself that the Rothschild family probably wouldn't be fond of.

I also called the suspected individual who interfered with my coffee consumption about the whereabouts of my reusable Kurig cartridge and she basically gave me the "I don't know treatment" albeit being obsessive compulsive about anything that can go into a dish washer. When I pushed her to try and remember where it was she said "Maybe you should have remembered where you put it?". She would have been right if SHE DIDN'T MOVE THE FUCKING THING FROM WHERE I REMEMBER PUTTING IT!!!! This was nothing more than the presentation of a train of thought that has led to such atrocities as the Holocaust and Hello Kitty. You see it all the time when someone points out something logical yet contradictory to someone's opinion and their response is to use pseudo-logical to wrap it back into their cognitive dissonance and optimism. They don't care about whether their logic agrees with reality, they just agree about whether the popular opinion agrees with it or not. Let me give you a little bit of information. The popular opinion is usually wrong; just take a look at religious zealots trying to explain reality and falling flat on their face on Fox News like Megyn Kelly. I mean that bitch is so dumb she wants to bring up an debate based on race baiting based on a fictional character. Then again her entire life is based on a fictional character.

This is called circular reasoning and you see it everywhere. Almost everyone does it and it's fucking retarded. The point of any debate is to discuss contradictory perspectives with the goal of coming to a solution to an agreed upon problem. That's not what you see now a days as debates have turned into nothing more than who can be "more right". This is also fucking stupid because if a debate ends without a solution then the entire debate was utterly pointless. You would solved more by going to jerk off to Megyn Kelly's lips and how she must be so awesome at the sexual technique of "just laying there". This is what pissed Hitler off about people and made him want to take that anger out on Jews, Gypsies, Poles, Russians, homosexuals, and the disabled. Since throwing jerk offs  that argue in a circular fashion into a gas chamber isn't exactly consider kosher; thanks Hitler you dick.

In reality circular is just a method of shifting blame instead of holding yourself accountable. Hitler just wanted people to hold themselves accountable and he felt the Jews always would shift the blame towards someone else. He started to see this as a "problem" that needed a "solution". While the people of Europe and the world at large were using circular reasoning to clean up after the shit show of trench of warfare that was World War I Hitler was thinking of a way to kill the fuck out of all the people that he saw as inferior. In theory it was a novel concept, albeit pretty morbid, but in reality you can't overcome stupidity in that manner because no matter how smart you are or how many bombs you have there will always be someone dumber with more bombs that are bigger and powerful; hence why the United States, Russia, and Great Britain came out on top. Of course after all was said and the Concentration camps were "discovered" people didn't think that shifting blame might be a bad idea in a world that has psychopath's like Mr. Adolf.

The point is people are more concerned about labels than solutions. The issue with my Kurig cartridge could have been solved by some contemplation and if the person that lost it couldn't remember they could have just said so, bought another, and the problem would have been solved just like if the world could focus more on solving problems than blaming others then maybe we wont have to have another World War or Holocaust. The bottom line is that people need to stop thinking with their egos and instead think based on reality because it's pretty easy to solve shit when the you look at the evidence that's right in front of you. Even Hitler missed that part. For as anti-Semitic as he was you would have though he would have heard about how dogmatic they were towards money and maybe enslaved them to Accounting Camp? Last time I checked economics required a lot of concentration too. Way to go Hitler; Fucking idiot.

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