Sunday, October 27, 2013

Fuck the People and Alex Jones...

By Frank Waszut

If you have been watching the news over the past few months on top of following the internet with their lovely little social mind fuck devices like Fakebook, Twatter, Instaglam, Cuntlist, Pricktrest, MyFace, etc then you might have picked up on a very peculiar trend. PEOPLE HAVE BEEN LOSING THEIR FUCKING MINDS. I have been myself. I went complete ape shit over an article by Alex Jones on his website about a possible false flag nuclear attack in the harbor of the town I live in, Charleston, South Carolina. After reading the article about Lindsey Graham claiming that a nuclear bomb could be detonated in the so called, "Holy City" I basically had flashes in my head of Jack Ryan surviving a helicopter crash due to an EMP from a nuclear blast from The Sum of All Fears. I rushed home and basically begged my family to pack up and leave town with me that night. What can I say? It struck a nerve and as cynical as I can be I still have a source of empathy that can be manipulated. All of my logic went out the window and I was considering what life would be like "off the grid".

I had images in my mind of huffing it out in the wild while using a combat knife to kill, skin, and eat Bambi's mom while I hit rocks together to start a fire in my manliest of man caves that would be decorated with the skulls of other beasts I had slain, all in alphabetical order based on their species, while seeing how long it would take before I inevitably resorted to bestiality on the cutest animals I could find to satiate my primal desires. I would live like Paul Bunyan while the world killed itself in nuclear fallout while the zombies feasted on the stragglers. Long story short I would be Daryl Dixson, Rick Grimes, The Governor, Michonne, and Rambo all rolled up into one while sporting a beard that would make those Duck Dynasty red necks bow down to me while admitting their unworthiness. That's basically where my mind stayed for about two months. I researched secret societies and started to curse the names of people with names like Rothschild, Bush, Ford, Rockefeller, Obama, and of course Miley "Chicken Ass Twerking" Cyrus.

In this time I flirted with anti-Semitism, anarchy, David Icke's stupid fucking rants about reptiles running the world, the New World Order, The Old World Order, Freemasons, Bilderburg's, the Illuminati etc. I searched reddit like a crack addict looking for another fix that would give me evidence of a draconian world take over of satan worshippers that solve the world's problems with gay male blood orgies while hoping to get a golden shower from a transsexual humanoid goat called Blasphomet. I felt like everyone was in on it and that someone would be slipping ricin in with my Venti Iced double shot coffee purchased at my local Starbucks at any given time. In other words I was Mel Gibson.

I started ranting and raving online about how humanity had been getting slipped subliminal ruphenol since the start of civilization. The funny thing was that there were people that started following what I was saying and they were crazier than me. Let that sink in for a second if you have ever met me in real life or have read anything I have ever written. I mean I KNOW that I am nuts and for all intents and purposes I'm someone that could be placed in a loony bin if I ever did anything stupid. I know this which is why I don't do anything stupid. It's also why I say the things I do online so that there is no way I could act on them and get away with it because I would be leaving a paper trail. In a way it is a defense mechanism for myself from myself. You read that right I conspire against myself to protect myself. Have a mind like mine and you'll understand what I am talking about. I mean where do you think I came up with the title of this blog?

After enough time of banging my head on the Operation: Northwoods brick wall I came to an epiphany that I had been trying to deny from myself for awhile due to the unsavory taste it leaves with someone even as intelligent as myself. It was a truth I have now had to accept as it slid down my throat in all its bitter flavor that can only be found from the dish that is humble pie. After begrudgingly digesting this truth I came to realize something else. This truth wasn't something that applied to me but to everyone; to "the people". For you conspiracy theorists that had your Google reticules locked on anything conspiracy or secret society related I have discovered that this truth also pertains to this whole "all-knowing" secret that secret societies claim to have. It's that little fucking carrot that you feel has been dangling in front of you this entire time. It's also for you people that feel like you are held down by "the man". With that said allow me to tell you the BIG secret:

Are you ready?

Have you bookmarked this page for future reference?

Are you ready for that proverbial "red pill"?

OK-----Here's the secret:

THE People---Are-----Fucking------GULLIBLE!!!!!!!! THERE IS NO SECRET KNOWLEDGE!!!!!

Do you conspiracy theorists, Libertarians, "free-thinkers", Occupiers, Feminists, etc. realize that your logic is about as sound as Hitler's, or Stalin's, or Mao Zedong's? Do you not realize that the very system you fear being imprisoned in is the same train of thought that you are imprisoning yourself with?  You claim to be fighting the system yet all you are doing is empowering those very same systems. It's like getting pissed at your dog for pissing on the rug, yelling and screaming at it for 5 minutes, then giving it a treat. All you are letting your beloved pet now is that Daddy is fucking nuts but will give me a treat if I piss on his rug. In other words you are a fucking idiot because you are rewarding negative behavior. I mean why do you think we have so many idiotic nut jobs in our government now? Why do you think the Tea Party took 17% of the government hostage over a health care act that shouldn't even need to exist in the first place? It's not because our country is going to hell. It's because our country is getting on the short bus and going to special ed. You jerkoffs give them power by acknowledging they even have power over anything. They are not gods. They are human beings just like you, me, and even Dick Cheney even though he has enough mechanical parts to be the subject of an Isaac Asimov novel.

Now don't get me wrong there have been many conspiracies and false-flags throughout history and even history itself isn't exactly accurate the way it is taught to us in our schools. Our government is by no means a group of alter boys or saints. Then again I'm pretty sure you have your own skeletons in your own closet that have affected the lives of those around you. Imagine yourself having a much more lucrative career that comes with a exponentially more power and lets see how altruistic you would be. Long story short you would probably become some draconian tea bagging power hungry douchebag just like them because power corrupts and our country is very powerful. You know how I know that? Ever seen a family of Native Americans walking around at the park walking the dog? Ever see an old Japanese fellow from Hiroshima talking about a peculiar August day back in 1945? Do you see a British flag flying outside of your local courthouse or police station? You want to know why? It's because our government is very, very, very good at killing people that it wants to kill and will do it when it wants to. I mean our country is so powerful that it took a near conflict with another powerful country, the Soviet Union (Russia), over Cuba that nearly started a Nuclear War that made our governments realize that maybe this whole nuclear bomb thing wasn't all milk and honey after all.

With that said I could go on and on about how conspiracy theorists like Alex Jones are full of shit but I don't need to. The evidence already there. Think about it. Our government is great at killing people. It will kill people that they feel are a threat to their interests. Everyone of these libertarian nut jobs that follow Alex Jones are missing one very huge ingredient that blows all of his theories about a tyrannical government takeover out of the water. It's very simple and it's right there. I even went to his website see when his most recent article was posted (October 26, 2013) with a video of him ranting and raving about the government wanting to take his guns. I saw the proof right there to confirm my evidence:


Do you honestly think if Alex Jones had some inside sources that was leaking information that could be catastrophic to the government in the hands of someone like Alex Jones that he would be allowed to live? Don't you think he would go on a vacation to whatever lovely locale that Jimmy Hoffa went to? His fat fucking wanna-be Rush Limbaugh ass would be crammed into an cement oil drum (or probably three given his body mass) at the bottom of the Mariana Trench. Now he isn't completely dumb and already has a line of propaganda prepared for such a line of logic. He always claims that they don't go after him because he "stays in the spotlight". Now this might sound concrete if you watch too many movies and think that assassins wouldn't take out a target in plain sight of other people. I would also say you are a moron that watches too many movies. If you were a government contracted killer you wouldn't exactly be able to walk into his studio an put a hollow point through his head but you wouldn't have to in order to kill him. You would have to make it look like an accident or the result of natural causes. Now remember he is a fat person and what is the number one killer of fat people of anyone in this country that has taken in too many calories? Heart disease which brings on heart attacks. Here's a video to give you an idea of where I am going with this (watch from the 4:45 mark if you are pressed for time):


That's right. If a government assassin wanted to kill Alex Jones all he or she would have to do is go to one of his fucking rallies, get close to him, slip him some cyanide, and Mr. Jones dies in a way that is above suspicion because it looks to be from natural causes in the form of a heart attack and since he would be taken to a government funded hospital any evidence to shoot holes in their story would be covered up. Alex Jones would have died of a heart attack like a lot of dumb fat fucks do; as far as the people could prove. Lo and behold Alex Jones is still alive pushing out his next theory of how the government wants to take our guns with his sentimental tampon dipped fear mongering. Speaking of fear mongering here is another pictures of another douchebag whom has used the right-wing tactic of fear mongering to instill fear in the people for his political agendas; just like the Tea Party does:

Long story short Alex Jones is no savior of humanity. He is a Tea Party tea bag hugging nut job just like John Boehner. These are the same guys that are allowed to get their pockets lined by corporations for doing the bidding of their lobbyists. That is why they want try to paint Obama as the next coming of the fellow with the peculiar mustache above. That is the best they can do to discredit someone whom really has no power in the first place. That is why they rant and rave about Operation: Fast and Furious even though it was an gun running operation to track Mexican drug lords started under the Bush administration. Don't get me wrong; Obama is not a saint either. No politician is and no government is. Here's the secret about government in regards to the people; no person in the history of humanity has liked their government or even the very idea of government since its inception; except for those who benefit from it. That has been the behavior any human being towards it except for the wealthy whom are exempt from their power which in reality is just an extension of the power of the wealthy. Alex Jones makes it seem like this is something new. It's not; Governments have always been the tools of those that can buy them out anytime they please. In reality the government is nothing more than a glorified bouncer in a bar that we call America. It's a corporation and the government is it's security which is paid very well. It's the same reason why the Saudi's have our military go to Iraq and Afghanistan. We do the Saudi's dirty work in exchange for oil.

"Oh I'm broke and my left nut hurts; it must be the governments fault via some conspiracy."-random American male jerk off who sucks at life. That is basically what every right wing conspiracy theory boils down to. Every tea party jerk off feels as though a President from a left wing ideology and democratically controlled senate is a major threat to their nation and they think that they are going to take their guns, i.e. their balls. That's because without guns these people have no balls.  Here's a scene from Snatch to illustrate my point. You can guess who represents who:

The bottom line is the goal of the Tea Party is to incite panic. That's where Libertarians come in. Libertarians instill fear in the people of the American government in order in order to control the people just like they accuse the government of doing. They have no use except for freaking people the fuck out and causing mass confusion to keep people divided; just like how they accuse left wingers of doing it. That's where I come in. I'm going to die someday. I've accepted it mainly due to the fact that I have had to experience tragedy in my life and I got sick of thinking like a victim. Now I try to gain an esoteric perspective of things while keeping it empirical. I inform in a way based on how I view things; just like everyone. Many accuse scientists and mathematicians of it to but they are aware of it and work to keep bias at negligible levels only measurable on the Planck scale.  In reality at that level both sides are guilty of it because they are on the SAME side. The Business side.

This brings me too one of the more outstanding theories of what I will now call Mad Men of the Business party. I'll admit they do it in a manner that Don Draper would approve of.

FEMA Camps:

My personal favorite is how they talk about FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) camps and how they are going to be used as concentration camps for a Red, White, and Blue themed Holocaust. The way that Alex Jones explains it you would think that these camps and FEMA popped out of Satan's ball sack over night. You would also think that his information came from government whistle blowers and random rednecks who live near these FEMA camps. Well here is something many of you may not know but these camps have existed since 1979 when Jimmy Carter used Executive Order 12127 to activate FEMA and establish it as an independent agency. Those camps have been around since the Reagan administration and ironically left wing nut jobs were worried that they would be used to intern minorities of Latin descent during an American invasion of Nicaragua.

Now the big theory is that FEMA and DHS (Department of Homeland Security) will begin rounding up dissenters according to Red and Blue lists for a systematic genocide of Americans. First off that very theory alone should give you an idea of these idiots think. They then that our nation itself a gene pool or a race. That our nation itself is an organism and we are all individual strains of DNA for this genome that we call "Murica. Quite a eugenic perspective don't you think? They think that dissenting 'Muricans will be rounded up and taken to these camps to be systematically murdered by the tens of millions in a fashion that would make Hitler, Stalin, or Mao Zedong proud. My question would be which 'Muricans would be getting rounded up? Since technically our economy would take a massive hit in such an instance since you kind of need a consumer base in order to keep an economy rolling. You know the economy that made all of these jerk offs rich in the first place? It would be lousy business at best. That's why tobacco companies are so rich since they figured out how to hook and grow their consumer base while killing them slowly over a period of decades. Tobacco has killed over 440,000 Americans every year while making the heads of these companies billions of revenue. That's why tobacco is legal despite being so lethal. The same goes for alcohol.

Why the fuck would the United States government basically declare war on humanity by blatantly murdering people outright? Here's another statistic: 37, 485. That's the amount of people that were killed from prescription drug overdoses in 2009 alone. That's more than from car accidents that year. The genocide of Americans that everyone is worried about has been been around for a long time because that's how America does it's genocide; discreetly. The last thing it would do is risk itself by revealing that nature in a systematic reign of terror. That's why Germany is the butt of every joke regarding genocide even though Stalin killed more of his own people than Hitler and Mao Zedong killed more than both of them combined. It's also why the genocide of Native Americans is hardly ever mentioned in these discussions. I mean when was the last time you saw Jessie Jackson's bigoted racist ass pleading for the rights of the Sioux. Why do you think Abraham Lincoln is praised as a hero of human rights even though he signed of on the slaughter of the Sioux for the all too lovely American imperialistic endeavor of Manifest Destiny? That genocide you fear already happened centuries ago. Before Columbus arrived the consensus estimated population of Native Americans was around 50 million. Today it's 2.4 millions. That's after the worldwide population has surged past the 7+ billion where it stands today. That means our government killed so many of them that they just now come close to accounting for 1% of the US population. Hitler himself even said he modeled his system after what the Americans did to Native Americans never mind having been funded by businessmen that carried family names like Bush, Rockefeller, and Rothschild. In a way America is just as guilty for the Holocaust as the ones that administered the Zykklon-B pellets.

That's why you don't have to fear being rounded up because our government only cooperates in mass murder on those viewed as undesirable since they aren't the ones buying their product. You, "The People", on the other hand are their customers. Killing you quickly means less money they can milk out of you. As long as you aren't a threat to their money they will not bother you. Alex  Jones is not a threat to their money, if anything he is a benefit to their money since it gives more ammo to gun lobbyists and their republican puppets whom are looking to line their pockets more and more. Plus the other big thing is that if the government were planning some mass extermination and Alex Jones got hold of such information then he would have been killed as I said before.

So why do so many people buy into these theories? It's for two reasons:

1. The internet has allowed mass amounts of information including declassified government documents such as Operation: Northwoods to be a few key strokes away so that anyone with an internet connection can suddenly be an expert on all things conspiracy related.

2. The people are stupid and will believe anything that falls within their cognitive dissonance while inflating their optimism bias. I have been guilty of this myself at times.

Today we live in a flood on information and our people are coming to a realization. Our government is not the benevolent all seeing, all knowing super heroes that we have been led to believe since adolescence. This has led to a backlash where most view them as the greatest tyrant in the world's history and they very well might be. However, they have not been the only genocidal tyrants of history. Just about every major empire that has existed came to prosperity for doing some very awful things and our country is no different. We just happen to live in a country where we are the "exceptional" ones. The online induced history is nothing more than a result of the people's hubris. That's why when some activist or actor or some internet troll wants to whine about "the people" my response is, "fuck the people". Fuck them in their bloated, deep-fried, double cheese burger, low price seeking, brand name flashing, contact sport carrot waxing, assholes. The people are fucking stupid and don't realize that they are the source of the own problems because they perpetuate these problems by making the government seem more powerful than it really is. Acknowledging our government gives it power. Acknowledging corporate monopolies by paying for their services just makes them more powerful because you are paying their bills. I work in a gym and members might bitch about the prices but they knew about the rates before they signed the contract. The gym owners still get paid regardless.

Take Verizon for instance. People bitch about data usage fees and back doors in droid operating systems that allow for NSA spying software to latch in and horde metadata. Do these people switch to a different carrier? Do they read their user agreements before signing them? No, they just bitch and moan while they fork over their cash to keep their service up to date. It's the same with the Anonymous hacktivist group. They crash government websites that serve no vital function in their day to day operations while their followers hop for joy while knocking Mountain Dew all over their keyboards. It's fucking retarded. What have you people won other than something else to stroke your ego with while not bringing about any real change? All these people do, along with those of the Occupy Movement is bitch and complain. Anonymous likes to protest as well while wearing Guy Fawkes masks which is pretty funny considering that a portion of the sales of those masks goes to Warner Bros. They empower the very "beast" the seek to slay. It's stupid, they are stupid, and anyone that bitches and moans like them without offering solutions that can make the world a better and less malicious place is fucking stupid. Fuck the people.

The man is not holding you down. That's a victims mentality which further exacerbates the issue. The man gives you what you want. You love sugary carbonated drinks, explosions in movies, celebrities ball room dancing on TV, Simon Cowell rightfully crushing the dreams of simpletons, and the neutering of Al Bundy. The people bitch and moan about "The Man" all day but in reality the people hold "the man" up. If you want to bring about real change then stop holding the man up and just drop him. Don't even acknowledge his existence. Treat like a bum that you say should work for their money just like everyone else even though they do and they are just very good at taking advantage of your gullibility. That's why they are rich and you bitch about it on Twatter through your iPhone while they laugh their asses all the way to the bank. I'm not saying it's right. It's stupid on both sides. The only difference is that they are aware of your stupidity and you are not.

I dislike the government and the corporations that feed them but I dislike the people even more. Fuck the people. Fuck them. Fuck 'em. With that said I have some ideas in order to help the failed walking bags of flesh that I call present day humanity:

1. Read shit before you sign it:

This one is quite simple and should be a no-brainer but if you have looked around lately we live in a society of no brainers. The only thing that keeps them from being a zombie is the fact that they haven't turned cannibalistic and a bullet to the heart would drop them like a rock. So with that said read anything that requires a signature on your part because technically anything on that paper or tablet you are agreeing to. For all you know you could be agreeing to be the main attraction of a bestiality flick that involves bukkake and farm animals (If you don't know what bukkake is then feel free to take a moment to Google it. You'll have to turn off the search filter since bukkake isn't exactly safe for work).

2.Stop eating fast food:

I know, I know. You have a hectic schedule, you work two jobs, you have a family to take care of and you don't have time to eat healthy. All I can say is you are an idiot and a lousy parent. Now before you go ranting and raving on the comments section about how I don't know shit you might want to keep reading.

Do you really want your kids to learn that all that is needed make ones health a secondary option is to come up with an excuse? Do you really want to have them watch you die of a heart attack in your 50's? Then stop making excuses. You have a schedule. Plan your meals around it so that you can eat healthier while not lining the pockets of people that laugh on the way to the bank and are indifferent as to whether you have a heart attack or not. Never mind all the fructose that makes the hunger centers of your brain act more insatiable Lisa Sparxxx at the BET Awards which goes into most of their products.

3. Read books and anything else you can find:

Want to how I even got the information that I put on this page for your curious eyes to read? It's because I read, a lot. I read everything that I can get my hands on. I try to soak up every bit of information that I come across. After reading it I let it rattle around my head and compare it to the other information in my head to see if any anomalies or ideas pop up. I also use a healthy amount of skepticism to filter through the garbage. This brings me to....

4. Understand the meaning of what you are reading:

This can also be called learning to read in between the lines. Basically if all you do is retain the information you read without picking up on the themes, analogies, symbolism, patterns, etc then you are nothing more than a walking bag of flesh with an organic hard drive surrounded by bone and mucus lining. You'll probably do fine on Jeopardy but good luck figuring shit out or coming up with any original ideas or solutions. Some tend to call it over thinking things now a days, but I call it not taking things at face value. You shouldn't either. Everything has underlying meanings hidden right in front of your face. All that's needed to decipher them is a healthy dose of curiosity. Curiosity did kill the cat but whomever said it probably got killed while being a sitting duck probably while shitting himself.

5. Stop repeating shit that other people say:

Are you a parrot? Are you only good for defecating the shit you take in in exchange for crackers? if no then stop fucking acting like it. Come up with something original even if you don't think it is entertaining or enlightening. I'll say things that I think are funny that no one gets and then I'll say things that I think are stupid, on purpose, and I get laughs or people look at me like I'm the second coming of Plato. What that means is that I'm smarter than the people around me because I'll say things that are original as far as I know. That's how you can become smarter while making those around you smarter. It's called leading by example. Stop being a fucking pussy and speak your mind. You'll learn something and so will the people that here you. That's how intellectual evolution starts.

These are just a few ways you can make your world, and my world, and everyone else's world better. Everyone says we should do things for the people but how can we do that when most of the people don't even know what being human is anymore? Find your humanity and share it with the world so others can find theirs. Maybe then people will know the difference between people and corporations.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Fuck Tom Hanks and Captain Phillips.

For those that haven't seen Captain Phillips yet, and it isn't out so you haven't, allow me to spoil the movie for you.

1.Tom Hanks is playing some real life bitch named Captain Phillips on a Maersk ship. It's a bitch playing a bitch.

2. Some Somali pirates on another boat notice the Maersk ship and decide to get all thug nasty with their AK47's to get dat bling bling which might be the cure for AIDS in Somalia. It worked for Magic Johnson

3.The pirates board the ship which is when everyone starts acting like a little bitch along with Captian Phillips played by Tom Hanks which isn't too much of an artistic stretch for him. Tom Hanks will not be in the Expendables ever.

4.Eventually the military comes in and of course they call SEAL Team Six because they are like the Harlem Globetrotters of the Special Ops world and can cut the balls off of an ant from a mile out with ear muffs.

5. Eventually one of the pirates realizes that SEAL Team 6 is military talk for "Shit just got real" and takes Phillips to an armored life boat that looks like an orange dildo for a blue whale.

6. The pirate gets shot in the head by the sniper, Captain Phillips soils himself, roll credits.

You can thank me for saving you $10 later.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Worldwide Declaration of Independence

By The People

In the course of human existence one must remove the shackles of tyranny when those shackles become so much of a burden that they become a threat one's life and well being. This removal of tyranny must be achieved whether with the desired method of peaceful resolution, if the tyrants are reasonable individuals, or by force if they are not. This is the power and right that the people of this Earth as well as all beings of this Universe have and must exercise. This power is given to them from whatever they consider their origins to be.

The people hold that there are certain agreed upon truths that we can all agree on and these are the basis for which any governance should be based on.

1. All intelligent beings have the right to shelter.

2. All beings have the right to sustenance and clean water.

3. All beings have the right to a transparent government without the existence of secret societies.

4. All beings have the right to unrestricted transactions of information without restrictions.

5. All beings have the right to dew empirical process for any alleged indiscretions that is seen as
restricting one's right to life and liberty.

6. All beings have the right to medical treatment and practitioners of medicine will be paid according to a method agreed on by the people and those practicing of medicine.

7. All beings have the right to full disclosure involving their interests.

8. Any organizations acting on "need to know" ideologies are a threat to life and should be treated as such.

9. Evolution on basis of freedom and transparency will only be subject to the laws of nature.

10. Beliefs will only be preached when asked upon by the people.

These are truths the people now pronounce as fundamental, innate rights that must be upheld above all others. Any individuals or organizations that are a threat to these rights traitors to the very foundations of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness and should face judgment by the people. Sentencing of these individuals should also be based on these truths in order to prevent the perpetuation of malignant ideals.


Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Government: An Idea That Has Run it's Course

By Frank Waszut

Humans are animals and very effective animals though dysfunctional at times. This is evident all around us. The fact that you can read my words is proof of this since the last time I checked no other animal on our planet understands the meaning of the written word. They don't even know what a word is since its not something that can be eaten. Dogs only pick up on spoken words because the realize the will be rewarded for it. Humans have learned how to manipulate it for the same reason. The manipulation of communication is what has lead to organized, dogmatic trains of thought which gave rise to the idea called government. An idea that thrives on secret societies and the very concept of secrecy itself. A concept that is the sanctuary of lies, deceit, malice, prejudice, and basically all suffering. It's a concept that frowns on the ideas of intellectuality, accountability, compassion, accountability, and most importantly; imagination and creativity. It is the very enemy of our own personal and individual evolution. For most it robs it from us in a highly sophisticated and subliminal manner. It robs of our innocence before we are even conceived.

This idea runs on the belief that a one size fits all approach control and direct human nature; like a rat in a maze, or a cow to a slaughter house, or bunch of people to a gas chamber that is labeled "shower". This idea is has been around since the days of Babylon. It was born from esoteric trains of thought; the concept of being on the outside looking in. Some would say this is trying to play god and they would be right. That is why some must attempt to project how it would feel to be subject to your choices. You must try to look both from the outside while feeling the inside. You think what is best for both sides of the coin only after putting yourself on both sides of the coin. This idea can be perverted though and it has been. The events of our time right now shows that is being used for engine that could very well lead to the death of our species. The funny thing is we are at point in our species' existence where thoughts like mine could make you a target of this engine. This is the engine that we call government and it only functions by running on energy. It focuses on energy that produced by death or as they call it; oil. Oil comes from living things and the ones used for petrochemical purposes comes the remains of fossilized living things. It comes from death itself; it very well is the blood of death itself. It runs the world even though it's no longer necessary.

It's funny when you look at it that way; government thrives off of the blood of death. Just look at all of the killing that the largest of governments will do for it. Wars and genocides have been committed for it. People give their lives for it. Tyrants have ruled because of it. Tears have been shed because of it. The world has been made savage because of it. Government believes that blood can be washed with blood. Government is blood thirsty and will provide any reason to quench its throat. It's a scary thing that makes us live in fear which allows it to control our lives. It's what makes us plug in so under the belief that we can be a child of Zion. Apparently the path to Zion is painted in blood. Sounds like a hell of a place doesn't it? Makes it seem like the type of place that could make your forget the horror you had seen before walking through its gate don't you think? Of course you would probably think that is the though of a psychopath. Welcome to government, enjoy your stay.

Our world is coming to where it is awakening to this fact. The people are starting to see that it is not working and needs to go. However, the method for removal is up for debate. Some preach violent revolution and upheaval. This is a stupid idea as it will only perpetuate the cycle that put our people in this predicament in the first place. Humanity has matured enough to the point that we can solve our problems without resorting to violence. Using violence to restore order will only perpetuate an order that operates on violence. Haven't we been violent enough for our history? Hasn't greed obviously shown itself to be a detriment to our well being? Can we finally grow up and take responsibility for our actions instead of sending psychos in business suits to do our bidding even though they do the opposite because they are just seeking out to carve a slice of the world for themselves?

I mean who else is sick of this machine or any of these machines for that matter? I'm sure Russian and Chinese people (as well as all others) that government does nothing more that perpetuate a system of terror in order to keep us in line while they suck us dry and not in a good way. They are like vampires minus the transparency. Instead of being violent and stooping to their level I say we just ignore them. We pay them no mind, we refuse to acknowledge them, we treat them like the stray rabid dogs that they are. Eventually they will succumb to their own disease and just die off. Let nature take its course and do the merciful thing. So them the same mercy that they show us and let them fend for themselves. They need us, we do not need them. We have only been programmed into thinking that we are needed. This is programming that can be undone if we choose to do it. This is the time to do it while the are struggling to keep their heads above water. Let nature take its course.