Monday, December 16, 2013

I Can't Wait for Women to Run the World.....

Many people that read my blog and rants on social media draw many conclusions, some true, some not, but the one that always cracks me up is when they accuse of being sexist. It's even funnier when they do it while at the same time also accuse me of being a man whore. It is true that I am a man whore, a label which I am actually proud of since it's one that actually does require talent on both a physical and intellectual level, especially when you aren't in the tax bracket that allows you to pay for a porn star without a second thought. That very fact alone should prove that women do find something endearing about me and that fact is that I do in fact "Get" them. I may not know every single detail of the female reproductive system or the misery of hot flashes, menopause, PMS, or child birth but I do get how they want to be treated; as human beings just like anyone else. This is a fact that most men fail to realize and why after the bars closed they can be found at your nearest strip club or clicking off of red tube and depositing a jizz infused paper towel into the nearest trash receptacle. Women are human beings, they just happen to be human beings that guys can have sex with while have the uncanny ability to bleed for multiple days in a row without dying and can basically support themselves financially by popping out kids like Pez Dispensers, in 9 month increments on average, to collect child support if they so choose to.

"Went to Hip Hop night; totally worth it."

Now don't get me wrong, on a genetic level there are undeniable differences between men and women and those differences serve no other purpose than for reproduction to further the human species down the path of space and time. It's to ensure the survival of the species so that we can come up with even more inventive ways spread and consume like pathogens that invented soap and waste their time bitching about Miley Cyrus riding a wrecking ball in her birthday suit or how Barack Obama wants to take everyone's guns while sipping on their Mocha Tool-achinos at their nearest Starbucks. The rest of the perceived differences is merely the result of sexist dogmas born from generations of social conditioning from such stupid human cults endeavors such as religion and government which should be easily apparent in religions apathetic attitude towards rape. I mean how could either concept be effective in controlling the masses if they didn't believe in forcing themselves on people; male or female? The truth is that this issue arises from the simple fact that when humans begin to form distinct tribes or herds they develop a rape mentality towards other groups that they perceive as different and it goes all the way down to the argument of gender equality.

 In the past century there has been a dramatic shift in this debate starting with the passage of the Nineteenth Amendment which gave women the right to vote. Yeah there were a couple of World Wars afterwards but that was more due to wealthy families slithering their way into diplomatic affairs, worldwide, than women having a say in their own government. If you are going to be sexist at least get your facts straight prior.
The big deal in the 21st century is the likelihood of a woman being Commandeer in Chief of 'Murica which scares the shit out of those Tea Party jerkoffs more than the prospect that the book they base their lives on is a complete work of fiction (hint: It is you fucking idiots). The reason for this these people in a fairy tale world where women are supposed to be nothing more than slaves who wear make up, cook, vacuum, and pop out babies according to the one book they base their entire lives on. You know? Instead of reading from all possible sources and coming to their own conclusions but then again that would actually require the use brain cells. Something that they tend to frown upon and just like all idiots it has now grown into a terrorist network herd called the Tea Party. This isn't a liberal argument either as I have my own an issues with those hipster loving jerk offs.
Now even though this candidate is Hillary Clinton I still feel it is a step in the right direction for our country and humanity itself.  I am also coming to this conclusion on a purely male "I think Gladiator was fucking awesome" basis. A country and world that is run by women would actually be quite ideal for me and yes it does due to the prospect of any future debates or arguments I get in with members of the female genders. Here are some possible examples shortly after Hillary is inaugurated:
1. At dinner at a fancy restaurant or Applebee's:
Girl: "Split the bill. Are you fucking kidding me? You're a man, you should pay the bill."
Me: (Getting my Beyoncé) "Who runs the world? Girls. Who runs the world? Girls. And if you liked the meal you better leave a tip with it."
2. During sex:
Girl: "I don't want to get on top."
Me: "Well babe, women are on top of the world now. Do you really want to be the weak link?"
3. During an argument about being unemployed:
Girl: "You're a man. You should get a job and get to work."
Me: "Y'all run the world now. Y'all should fix the economy to help the job market."
As you can see a women being president would be like having a bullet of logic cocked and loaded in the chamber for pretty much any argument I ever encounter with women in regards to gender. It would probably fuel my ego to no end and make my life even more fun than Grand Theft Auto and impromptu public sex acts on rooftops. A lot of guys would think that it would be Armageddon but that's because most guys are pussies and couldn't stand the prospect of a woman being in charge of their quality of life but these are also the same type of guys that think a women are genetically wired to shut down a pregnancy after rape occurs. They are also the type that scream words such as "Rapture", "End of Days", and "Anti-Christ". Who knows? Maybe that is the Anti-Christ to men; a women that can perform at their job better than they can.

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