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The Freak Show: 21st Century America

"When you're born you get a ticket to the freak show. When you're born in America, you get a front row seat."-George Carlin

Land of the Free, Home of the Brave. Freedom for all. America the Beautiful, from sea to shining sea. These are just some of the one liners that are thrown at us when we are kids, mere cubs if you will, about the supposedly grand sovereignty of that our nation supposedly is. I almost feel weird saying our nation given the fact that I didn't really do anything to become a US citizen. I mean yeah 10 months before my birth (I was stubborn fetus. I mean I am a Taurus after all) my parents got it on like a shit load of people did in their mid 20's in the 80's. My dad was kind enough to not pull out. My mom was kind enough to not be on birth control and/or take a shop vac and coat hanger the ever evolving bits of information that has now become the still ever evolving bit of information sitting at a lap top right now, e-cig in hand, writing this while contemplating whether or not to take a break for some internet porn. Also, I guess it all happened on this mass of land between two salty bodies of water where all sorts of sea creatures are getting the procreative jollies on in all their various ways. I guess by default that makes me an American. Just like how most of us label others based on pre conceived notions based on the environments from which they are nurtured in.

Being as that I was born an American I do feel kinship, via socioeconomic conditioning, with my fellow 'Muricans. I also have been around both sides of the blue/red argument that our country banters and bitches about every single day. We turn on our fancy High Definition televisions and we see it. We turn on our laptops we see it. We see it on our smart phones. We see it in magazines. In newspapers. We hear about it at the gym. At the bars. At parties. We hear, see, and most importantly feel it everywhere. It's an existential tug of war for our nation's identity should be in age where humanity is still working on coming to terms with what it's identity should be. In reality it's a struggle we all feel in ourselves or more specifically the struggle to find our own identity. It's a struggle that our society constantly throws into flux on a second by second basis with our Wi-Fi connection, 4G Broadband speeds, Ethernet cables, internet radio stations, GPS satellites, binary codes, malware, billboards, pop ups, commercials, and anything else that presents our nation in world that is increasingly becoming aware that it's fate is anything but certain.

Then again our nation was born out of uncertainty, out of looking fear in the eye. Just like today most complained, most came up with excuses, pointed fingers, claimed blasphemy, and made excuses for not to take a risk for an ideal. An ideal we are all taught about from the time we enter the first grade till we take our last breath. An ideal that has become a perversion of it's original intent. There was another sovereignty over 2,000 years prior that faced a similar dilemma as ours did against as intimidation a tyrant. This sovereignty was Greece and just like how our founding fathers risked everything at seemingly insurmountable odds for this idea so did 300 men from the city-state of Sparta led by a man that went by the name Leonidas. Just like how John Hancock bragged about how big he'd sign his name in response to how fearsome King George's forces the Spartan's also had a man of similar resolve in the face of fear. His name was Dienekes and when he was told that King Xerxes's archers were so numerous that their volleys would blot out the sun he simply replied by stating, "Then we will fight them in the shade".

Fear has always been the weapon of tyranny to neutralize freedom and it always will be. The only way to attain freedom is through courageous resolve; even in the face of death. Today fear has evolved and has led to the human freak show that is American society in the 21st Century.  Our country once had front row seats to the bigger freak show that is the world but it has now taken center stage as America has mutated from an ideal to a brand name. "Land of the Free" has about as much meaning now as "Billions and Billions served" and the world is beginning to wise up to this. Democracy is spreading world wide. Not American Democracy mind you, because our country has become about as democratic as the size of your bank account, but the essence of democracy; the spirit of it. The very same spirit that our country is advertised as the leader of. First we must understand what democracy truly is. So lets break down the word shall we?

Democracy is a Greek word and a combination of the Greek words "demos" (people) and "kratos" (power). It's literal meaning is the power of the people. That is why it is often called a form of free government as it gives the people the power to govern themselves. This is the idea that the legendary 300 "hoplites" (Spartan Soldiers) along with 700 Thespians gave their lives for at the mountain pass of Thermopylae in the Greek state of Trachis over 2,000 years ago in the face of a Xerxes led Persian force numbering up to 1 million according to the estimates of Herodotus or more like 300,000 according to experts on the subject. Either way it was a sacrifice in the face of overwhelming odds for an idea. An idea of freedom. An idea of humanity being free to think for itself without being persecuted a select group of tyrants seeking to suppress free thought in order to control the masses. This is the same idea that are founding fathers elaborated when they enacted the Declaration of Independence on July 2nd, 1776 AD. This is an idea with blood on it's hands and one where blood, by fate, was an inevitable result of it's wake. This is an idea whose meaning has been pushed to the side as the result of the rise of a group of new select group of tyrants that use a form of malice few are even aware that they suffer under on a daily basis.

This form of malice is called debt and the weapon is capital, or as we refer to it nowadays; money. Money has become just as much as tool of malice as the gun has. While both were originally intended for the use of regulation they have now become catalyst of fear. While we all know about the terror of guns from the shootings at Columbine, Sandy Hook, and Aurora most are oblivious to the effect money truly has on us as a society on both foreign and domestic scales. Money wasn't always used for this. Money used to be a tool for the trade of goods and services that was governed by the people for the people. For all intents and purposes our economy was democratic in nature. This all changed in 1913 with the passage of the Federal Reserve Act. All U.S. banking institutions fell under the Jurisdiction of the Federal Reserve and the governing of the flow of our nation's currency, the Federal Reserve note, had become privatized. In other words the control of our economy went from the people at large to bankers. Banks had now becoming the official governing body of our economy and thus centralized it. Basically, money had gone from the tool of the people to govern themselves to a tool that banks could use to control the quality of the lives of the people. Bankers had become the new tyrants and the representatives of the people, i.e. House Representatives, Congressman, etc., had become nothing more than puppets of these tyrants. They now had the power to keep the people living in a bubble of cognitive dissonance fueled by fear. The man that signed this into our nation's being, Woodrow Wilson showed much regret upon the realization of what he allowed to come to fruition and summed it up with:

 "I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country. A great industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit. Our system of credit is concentrated. The growth of the nation, therefore, and all our activities are in the hands of a few men. We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated Governments in the civilized world no longer a Government by free opinion, no longer a Government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a Government by the opinion and duress of a small group of dominant men." -Woodrow Wilson

However this is only one piece of the freak show puzzle that has devolved our nation's people.
Fear is one thing but bankers can't control genetics and sooner or later some people would come along that would be able to figure out this tyrannical scheme that had been set forth. Unfortunately, there was another tyrannical individual that had an understanding of capitalist ideology. His name was John D. Rockefeller and along with an associate of his, Frederick T. Gates, founded the General Education Board in 1902. The board operated under the following philosophy:

"In our dreams, we have limitless resources and the people yield themselves with perfect docility to our molding hands. The present education conventions fade from their minds, and unhampered by tradition, we work our own good will upon a grateful and responsive rural folk. We shall not try to make these people or any of their children into philosophers or men of learning, or men of science. We have not to raise up from among them authors, editors, poets or men of letters. We shall not search for embryo great artists, painters, musicians nor lawyers, doctors, preachers, politicians, statesmen, of whom we have an ample supply…The task we set before ourselves is very simple as well as a very beautiful one, to train these people as we find them to a perfectly ideal life just where they are. So we will organize our children and teach them to do in a perfect way the things their fathers and mothers are doing in an imperfect way, in the homes, in the shops and on the farm."- General Board Education Papers, No. 1

If you ever wondered why your college educated boss at your 9-5 job is such a dumb cunt and why you should answer to such a person then that statement is why. If you ever wondered why having a dissenting opinion with your high school teacher met with detention or suspension then that statement is why. If you have been perplexed by why our politicians have become increasingly more ironic over the course of the Twentieth and Twenty First century this is why. If you have wondered why people in positions of power seem like they are more qualified in asking whether or not you want fries with that instead of making decisions that impact the quality of your life then that is why. I could go on and on about how this feeling that you have in reference to the feeling of a swollen colon from the phalanx stupidity but it should be becoming increasingly clear. If it still isn't then allow me to put it in plain and simple terms:


Our so called intellectual innocence has been robbed from us just like our economy as well as our ability to govern ourselves. It's not just our generation. It was your parent's generation. Your grand parents generation and for many of you it was your great grand parents generation as well. For over a century we have been programmed to not question. To not dissent and to not think for ourselves. That is not freedom and that is not Democracy; only the illusion of it. We are told of days when our country stood brave in the face of tyranny like those ideals still pertain to our society today; they don't. It's harsh depressing truth but it is the truth and the fact of the matter is that slavery never died. That well paying desk job that you have from the bachelors degree that your earned is your reward for bending over and taking it without even being given the opportunity to consent. Last time I checked that constituted as rape. Our citizens have become so neutered now to the concepts of intellectual freedom and critical that our response is to look at these rapists in their clean pressed suits and shined shoes made in China that all we know to do is to bow down and Pledge allegiance to them. Just like how we train our dogs to sit and roll over. We the people have been dehumanized by international banking cartels that are above the very same laws that they impose on us and we lack the ability to dissent because of the weapon of intellectual malice that we call our dollar bills and our credit cards.

These are the same criminals that have perpetuated the wars of the twenty and twenty first century. Have been led to the advent of terrorism. Have allowed the two most dangerous drugs known to man to be legalized, i.e. alcohol and tobacco, while outlawing other drugs that are far less lethal in the statistical sense. These are the criminals that conspired to set of the Great Depression and helped with the installment of eugenics laws in California. That's just the tip of a very chilling iceberg that paints very different picture of our country's history in twentieth century. A much darker one than the heroic one full of nationalistic bravado that was taught to us in U.S. History 101. In regards to World War II we were taught that Hitler came to power, passed the Nuremberg Laws, invaded Poland, began rounding up Jews and began to systematically murder via human slaughterhouses called Concentration Camps. This also is the tip of a very disturbing truth.

The whole truth is that Nazi Germany was nothing more than an experiment these criminals that went by iconic names symbolic with American royalty. The two most prominent ones are Bush as well as the aforementioned Rockefeller family. Through Rockefeller's Standard Oil Company, what is now known as Exxon, forming a partnership with German chemical company I.G. Farben which was run by the Wadburg Family whom were partners in banking with Rockefeller as in helping Rockefeller design the eugenics policies of Nazi Germany. The same Eugenics policies that were being practiced in California and Virginia prior to World War II. This partnership built factories in Auschwitz in Poland which used slave labor from the concentration camp.

Bush, or more precisely Prescott Bush whom would become both the father and grandfather of future U.S. presidents, would be the man whom built his family's fortune. He did this with help of a business partner in Europe by the name of Fritz Thyssen whom was a steel tycoon that also used slave labor from Auschwitz for the work of extracting iron for his steel from mines in Poland. This money was sent via an intricate pipeline back to New York City where it was properly laundered with the help of Bush whom was a banker (starting to see a pattern here?) as well as a Connecticut state senator. The very same family that birthed two U.S. Presidents obtained the oval office via cleaning blood money from genocide. So did Rockefeller. The only thing that put a hurdle in their efforts was the Trading With the Enemy Act of 1942 after the Japanese Bombing of Pearl Harbor.

"When fascism comes to America, it will not be in brown and black shirts. It will not be with jack-boots. It will be Nike sneakers and Smiley shirts. Germany lost the Second World War. Fascism won it."-George Carlin

Have you wondered why brand names are so popular? Why most college age males like to associate brand names? Maybe if you paid attention in history class you wonder how Hitler manipulated an entire country's citizens to turning a blind eye to mass murder. Have you ever wondered why that is? Why the so called "bad guys" always seem to commit such atrocities and the "good guys" always seem to get there when it's too late? There is a simple answer and it's in the labels and our genetics.

Let's start with the genetics. Here is video from a very enlightening show on the Science channel called Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman. The title of the episode is "Can We Eliminate Evil" and the section is in regards to human morality based experiments run by Professors at Yale University:

From the video it should be gathered that humans are born with empathy and sense of right and wrong. Good or bad if you will. It should also be gathered that these attributes that we are born with can skewed and manipulated by external environmental factors. Like Morgan Freeman said in the video your sense of right and wrong is as simple as whether or not you like graham crackers. Or maybe as simple as you whether you like Reeboks or Nikes. Whether or not you are black or white. From a liberal or conservative environment. Whether or not you grew up in an economy embroiled in economic turmoil and some man from Austria with a funny mustache wearing a Swastika is telling you that it's all the Jew's fault and he has a solution. As sickening as this might be to some of you the very same people that you pay your send your mortgage payments to and pay your loans to have made a very lucrative business model off of profiting from that very brain chemistry that almost all of us have. So do priests, rabbis, corporate CEOs, sports teams, entertainment execs, etc. You are genetically predisposed to associating with a label. To external stimuli and most don't become aware of this fact until a later age if ever. In other words all humans are born gullible and the only way to attain freedom of this via awareness. It maybe traumatic and disheartening but reality has never been for the faint of heart. That's why our government and banks are afraid of dissenting views.

This is why business schools teach that it is all in the advertising and your target audience. That is how a constant stream of revenue to garner profits is generated. As long as you can advertise it well you can make money off of it; even genocide. Some feel that genocide is nothing more than a pipe dream within the confines of our borders but that couldn't be any further from the truth. The lessons that Bush and the Rockefeller's learned from laying the blue print for the genocide in Europe during the Holocaust in our borders were brought back to the home front and systematically began to be employed on its own citizens. Fast food, high fructose corn syrup, alcohol and tobacco being regulated along with prescription drugs being regulated while others aren't, has shown a pattern of eugenic policies put into place with the sole purpose of dividing and conquering the our country's citizens via a system of brand name advertising. This system has gone world wide with is goal of throwing our world society into flux via distraction while being able to be controlled, manipulated, and eventually killed off. This is slavery on a genius and almost subliminal level which is also going global.

Many proponents of this program (politicians, lobbyists, bankers, etc.), feel this is a necessary evil since most humans are innately gullible and if they weren't then they wouldn't be able to profit like they do. From our past history this is undoubtedly true. I'd love to paint sugar coated fairy tale about how bad shit doesn't but as you have seen that not only do bad things happen but bad things tend to be good business and this is how America has become the world economic leader and why even if many countries hate us their leaders want to be us. At least like our bankers anyway because power is intoxicating and in a world where people can be more easily manipulated through fear of negative balance in their checking account instead of through bullets cash is king and we are all the pawns. The soldiers and police are our knights. Priests and politicians are our bishops. Lobbysists and Corporate CEOs are our Rooks and Bankers are king. Banking is the new art of the tyrannical and the unjust. Our country and world has become a freak show of their making. In a world now consumed with government spying via our smart phones, tablets, IPads, and laptops the argument of red and blue is becoming a non existent issue that we choose to focus on.

We now live in a world where the horrors of the Nazi Regime and fascism seem like a relic of the past in this country but the reality is that we live in a fascist society with a democratic mask to keep those living here disillusioned and docile in the face of authority. We are treated to material possessions in order to appease our innate desire for instant gratification. It's the desire that is used to turn us against each other so most wouldn't even think twice to look at the bigger picture. We are programmed to think inside the box without even the thought of questioning those who seek keep us caged in prison built of ignorance, greed, and apathy. This is how the capitalist forces of country helped Hitler to institute the program that led to the deaths of tens of millions in a systematic fashion and it is what is killing the essence of humanity today. It's what killed John F. Kennedy. It's what led to the War in Vietnam. It is what allowed the events of 9/11 to take place. It's what has allowed Mexico to turn into a de facto war zone where innocent lives are ended via cold blood on a daily basis, It's what facilitates sex trafficking and has allowed slavery to still be alive and well even though it is illegal world wide. Laws are only as effective as the means to enforce them and in a world consumed with capital such means are non-existent when those in control see atrocity as a means as an end to satisfy the financial bottom-line. 

The funny thing is the answer to this problem can be found in the colors. When mixed red and blue give you purple; the color of courage. That's what we need now just as much as our founding fathers needed when signing the Declaration of Independence and what Leonidas and his 300 Spartans needed on that final day in Thermopylae when they made their last stand in the face of fear and tyranny to unite all of Greece for the sake of democracy. We need the courage to question, to inquire, to educate ourselves instead of leaving our dreams and hopes in the hands of those that look to do nothing more than to line their pockets and fulfill their financial endgames. Just like how the courage of the 300 Spartans united Greece to stand up against tyranny so must we as a nation and more so as a world and species in the face of the new breed of tyranny. If not we will go extinct.

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