Thursday, April 30, 2015

Fuck Ray Lewis

As we all saw in Baltimore this week cops can only get away with murder so much before the ones that they are murdering stand up for themselves. If you read throughout history you'll notice for certain groups of people such instances of chaos are referred to as revolts and for others as riots. If you have a group of people that listens to rap music then you are the latter unfortunately; especially if you like to wear hoodies. This is hypocrisy on a societal level. CNN, Fox News, NBC, The Huffington Post, and even Barack Obama have gone on to accuse those of acting against the injustices that they suffer as thugs, criminals, and hypocrites. The funny thing is that these entities are applying a double standard to those whom have acted out while living by a double standard themselves; yes a quadruple standard if you will. I actually excuse Barack Obama for being a hypocrite because he's a politician; contradicting yourself is part of your job. Even John F. Kennedy was a hypocrite at times.

However there is one person that I cannot excuse in their hypocrisy and it's Baltimore's very own grid iron hero Ray Lewis. I wouldn't even bring his name into it if it wasn't for this video he posted on youtube:

It's quite funny that Ray Lewis is preaching to those rising up against the Baltimore Police Department, for a murder that they tried to cover up, that they should just go home. What's even funnier is that Mr. Lewis says, "We know there is a bigger issue." While he is right that most everyone does know what he forgets is that he knows such an issue very intimately. That is due to the fact that he was charged with murder himself stemming from an incident that occured on Janurary 31st, of 2000 outside of a night club in Atlanta. An incident that he was later able to lawyer up for and plead down to an obstruction of justice charge on. There a few key facts with this incident to keep in mind.

-The white suit Ray Lewis wore that night has never been found.
-the knife used for the murder has had no fingerprints even though Lewis purchased it days prior
-the victim's blood was found in Ray Lewis's limousine
-He later testified against the other two people that were with him at the scene which was part of said obstruction of justice deal after old Ray Ray admitted to lying about not having been at the scene. Those two were later acquitted.

So yeah Ray.We know that you know there is a bigger issue. That issue people being able to get away with murder that have the means to lawyer up. You know? People like yourself. You aren't any better than the cops who murdered Freddie Gay. You're no better than Michael Slager whom was filmed murdering Walter Scott while he was on patrol. The fact that you are a role model for a city filled with with kids that are targeted by corrupt cops, the same ones you say didn't have a right to do what they did, are the same ones you are telling to go home from the comfort of your own mansion that you own. You own it due to a lucrative career in the NFL that you should have never had to ebgin with because you murdered somebody; probably two.

Maybe you should be a real role model and admit to what you did instead of hiding behind your religion, money, fame, and lawyers. Until then you are just another high profile individual that proves that with enough money and power you can break the law without suffering the consequences. You, just like the Baltimore Police Department, show that the laws don't apply to everyone equally. You show that those that are on the wrong side of the poverty gap are just cannon fodder to a system that is fueled by capital where numbers mean more than human lives. Yet you actually wants us to think that you care about the people of Baltimore; you don't. You are every bit as corrupt as those that have pulled the strings to bring Baltimore to state that it has become. A city that caters to the "haves" and does everything it can to sweep the "have nots" under the rug.

People like you are why disdain what our society has become. You hide behind wholesome values while you act like your closet is empty of skeletons. Yet you want those who actually take a stand to back down because they threaten what YOU helped to build. On second thought you are the role model for Baltimore; a city run by people that gives false promises, false ideals, and ignores the blood on their hands.

Go fuck yourself Ray Lewis. Go fuck yourself in Macy's window.

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