Sunday, December 1, 2013

Being "Nice"…

I read an interesting fact the other day on reddit. Throughout the entire history of our species we have been at peace as a species 8% of the time. From the time that Homo Erectus gave way to Homo Sapiens, probably because Erectus got erect too early, we have been “nice” to each other 8% of the time……….. NICE. I mean given the fact that Fox News, CNN, NBC, ABC, Bank of America, JP MorganChaseTheLeaseonYourSoul, GoldmadSachsYourAsshole, and Wal-Mart still exist tells me that we have problems and there ain’t shit Houston can do about it never mind Tom Hanks’s menstruating goat-tee………. He has a goatee according to the last movie he played a bitch in right?........Tom Hanks will not be in the Expendables ever.

NICE…AT PEACE….Do you know what constitutes peace? Do people even understand what the word “peace” means in terms of the history of our global socio-economic evolution? It means times when we haven’t had to worry about a squadron of trained killers raiding our towns, raping our women, kidnapping kids for brainwashing via their sovereignty if the “showers” are full, making advertising signs out of human body parts that would make Charlie Manson blush, and honestly I think they only took into account countries North of The Equator and Australia for that one. I’m damn sure they didn’t take Antarctica into account because as far as we are concerned it’s nothing more than an icy Earth nipple that’s probably melting which only raises the concerns of those that eat quinoa.

Our definition of “being nice” is not raping people, male or female for the sake of political correctness, on MASSIVE SCALES while using the ones that are unrape-able for the sake experimentation with our lovely theories on biological, chemical, and nuclear warfare as well as torture tactics such as water-boarding which sounds like the equivalent of going down a 15-mile waterslide feet first, face down, ass up. Well maybe the ass up part is what it feels like to their egos. And this is for countries that have a McDonalds and don’t get the confused puppy look when hearing the word “Starbucks”. 8% PERCENT OF THE TIME.

That’s mind boggling when put into perspective but here is my attempt to Morgan Freeman it. COMPARED TO OUR HISTORY, AS A SPECIES, THE CURRENT STATE OF AFFAIRS IS CONSIDERED “NICE”…………..Our current state is considered tame, jovial, jolly, friendly………even charming. Our day of Mexican Drug Cartels, Biker Gangs, Terrorists, mass shootings by frankenstiens manufactured by Big Pharma/bad parenting, George Zimmerman, Michael Jackson being systematically poisoned under the veil of negligence, fear mongering over Iran, China, North Korea, whatever-who-gives-a-fuck Jihad region of the world is considered friendly, maybe even a little “competitive”. Our state of hacking, domestic and foreign spying, drone strikes, austerity, corporate welfare bailouts, polonium poisoning, over-perscription of antibiotics, fracking, aborting fetuses like its wart removal, and putting out kill lists for whistle blowers is considered

A world that demonizes drug use as criminal instead of making sense out of it as medical is considered cozy and comforting. A society where politicians use race-baiting to win elections is considered logical. A world where some people are now understanding that the word “no” might really mean “no” is considered progress. PROGRESS. Not raping your fellow man or woman is considered a step in the right direction. 3.5 Billion years of evolution and we are just now thinking…………… “HMMMMMMMMMMM……..Maybe it’s time that we grow the fuck up and learn to share like we are taught to do in kindergarten.” What a thought huh? And it only took the internet for that revelation to come about
We now are realizing, thanks to a system of fiber optic cables that can communication information across oceans at the speed of light, that we have a planet that has been primarily been ruled over by a species of animal that is so egocentric and narcissistic in nature that they feel murder can be justified by such petty differences as whose clique has the more powerful imaginary friend. A species who came up with a way to split atoms and the popular idea was, “How can we wreck some other country’s shit with this?”

A reality where good times is considered not getting jumped while walking out of a bar in Detroit or not groggily waking up in a college dorm while student athletes take turns on you. A reality where drug and banking cartels are embedded by foreign and domestic cartels; for your “safety”; a reality where the people are now wising up to the fact the most destructive of weapons is not nuclear but economic. Nuclear bombs will wipe you out in the blink of an eye but economics will persuade you to put a pill in your mouth or a glock if you aren’t in the desired tax bracket.
Our perception of “Nice” is now based on an illusion of political correctness instead of genuine compassion. I would say human compassion but that term holds as much legitimacy no as “political science”.

We have become a society that is nothing more than a glory hole for the corporate and banking elite where the holes are few but those whom provide “services” are many and plentiful whom will willingly wipe the residual off their lips with a smile as long as there is a Playstation or fancy necklace that is not of the pearl variety there plenty that walk around with the tell-tale glimmer of those. Those that call out the process for the spade that it is are called “ignorant”, “offensive”, “demeaning”, “rude”, and now even “radical” or “terrorist”.

Our understanding of “Nice” has taken technology, math, and science from ideas that were supposed to increase our quality of life but now do nothing more than imprison us in perpetual paranoia and anxiety with the men in lab coats salivating at the prospect of a new guinea pig while their ad execs push Congress for more wars in regions rich in opium, hemp, cocaine, while manufacturing synthetics that are even more dangerous than the drugs which our governments claim to wage war on. Wars that line the pockets of those whom get serviced at those glory holes since when your life is based on seeing compassion as weakness it makes it easier to spray that load on a face without having to acknowledge its existence since ignorance is supposedly bliss.

And what of the most dangerous drugs? The ones that are the products of fermentation and agriculture? They are labeled as legal despite the overwhelming statistics that prove the danger; because it’s a “Nice” thing to do. Maybe the truth is that what those in control consider "nice" is only "nice" to them. Maybe the nicest thing to do for them is systematically paying them to poison your mind, body, and conscience while lining their pockets to the point of self-termination. Maybe that’s why acts of malice are still glorified while acts of reproduction are demonized. Why men’s rights are of central focus while women’s rights are considered a nuisance.

Nice world we live in huh?

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