Monday, December 2, 2013

I Charge Genocide

The United States Public School System does nothing more than implement eugenic policies that demonizes and dehumanizes those with autistic spectrum, anti social personality, narcissistic, and psychopathic disorders and are negligent to the abuse they endure on a daily basis in our public systems. This system is what creates serial killers and mass murderers and is why such individuals commit such acts of malice at later stages in life.

It can be seen in mainstream media as well where psychopaths are always portrayed as killers, murderers, villains, etc. We have been subject to this stereotype by a society that is run and operated by the United States Government and Corporate Media. With that said I Charge Genocide against the United States Government as well as The Federal Reserve, World Bank, Exxon, Fox News, CNN, NBC, ABC, Big Pharma, the NRA, as well as the Governments of Russia, China, And Saudi Arabia.
We want to be treated like human beings, not have a pill shoved down our throats.

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