Thursday, January 16, 2014

Interracial in Dixie...

I like me a bitch with a badonokadonk to bear,
I like to rock that shit like it's December 31st at Times Square,
I like it when she move it up and down, side to side,
It makes my blood rush down south like a waterslide,
In that mind,
It goes, "Oh my, Oh my"
I like their tones in variety,
Even if that preference makes the trust fund twats question my sobriety,
I care not what they think,
In my mind it's less competition that I gots to sink,
It makes me want to buy them a drink,
And to see if I can charm them into making those panties sink,
I live in a town of Haterz,
Ironically they live off money that was made by people who enslaved those that they call spear shakerz,
They talk this and that bout their 'Murica,
But yet they don't think about their bigotry to give their mind a eureka,
That's fine in this Holy City in which has many a fool say duh,
Because they missing out on a good time with this bad bitch from Chicago by the name of E--VA,
For mixing of the lines of the blood they subliminally are programmed to say nay,
For this the horizons of their mind they are afraid to expand a stray,
Maybe this will change one day,
And they will realize the off-white ladies can be more fun than GTA.....

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