Thursday, January 16, 2014

A Plumber's Life

A Plumber's Life

Pubes and Tubes,...
My sacrifice for boobs,

I spend my days gagging,
So I can spend my nights bragging,

My days at work might be stressing,
But the money I can save up to buy my girl some fake boobs with is a blessing,

It has a lot in common with porn,
because one day it may make me scream at some test results with scorn,

That's because my day involves being at risk of catching Hepatitis C,
As well as HIV,

It's all worth it though since you let me make you roar like Beyoncé,
In return for buying a plane ticket so you can see your folks in Milwaukee,

I know that my job isn't as fun as slaying 10's in front of a camera,
But it made it so I could buy drinks for the 10 that gave me a blow job in Tampa,

I may never get followers on my Twitter account,
But I'll still be privy to the fun of hearing a horny chick's sound,

I know for many playa's this might sound like a retarded retort,
But then again who cares when I know both that your home girl and side bitch squirt,

This is not meant to start a battle,
It's only said to make your brain rattle,

However I can handle your shit and tricks;
My days involve dodging it like Neo from the Matrix

So in closing shit may consume my days,
But at least it makes it were I can enjoy ladies that keep that shit shaved.....

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