Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Worldwide Declaration of Independence

By The People

In the course of human existence one must remove the shackles of tyranny when those shackles become so much of a burden that they become a threat one's life and well being. This removal of tyranny must be achieved whether with the desired method of peaceful resolution, if the tyrants are reasonable individuals, or by force if they are not. This is the power and right that the people of this Earth as well as all beings of this Universe have and must exercise. This power is given to them from whatever they consider their origins to be.

The people hold that there are certain agreed upon truths that we can all agree on and these are the basis for which any governance should be based on.

1. All intelligent beings have the right to shelter.

2. All beings have the right to sustenance and clean water.

3. All beings have the right to a transparent government without the existence of secret societies.

4. All beings have the right to unrestricted transactions of information without restrictions.

5. All beings have the right to dew empirical process for any alleged indiscretions that is seen as
restricting one's right to life and liberty.

6. All beings have the right to medical treatment and practitioners of medicine will be paid according to a method agreed on by the people and those practicing of medicine.

7. All beings have the right to full disclosure involving their interests.

8. Any organizations acting on "need to know" ideologies are a threat to life and should be treated as such.

9. Evolution on basis of freedom and transparency will only be subject to the laws of nature.

10. Beliefs will only be preached when asked upon by the people.

These are truths the people now pronounce as fundamental, innate rights that must be upheld above all others. Any individuals or organizations that are a threat to these rights traitors to the very foundations of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness and should face judgment by the people. Sentencing of these individuals should also be based on these truths in order to prevent the perpetuation of malignant ideals.


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