Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Government: An Idea That Has Run it's Course

By Frank Waszut

Humans are animals and very effective animals though dysfunctional at times. This is evident all around us. The fact that you can read my words is proof of this since the last time I checked no other animal on our planet understands the meaning of the written word. They don't even know what a word is since its not something that can be eaten. Dogs only pick up on spoken words because the realize the will be rewarded for it. Humans have learned how to manipulate it for the same reason. The manipulation of communication is what has lead to organized, dogmatic trains of thought which gave rise to the idea called government. An idea that thrives on secret societies and the very concept of secrecy itself. A concept that is the sanctuary of lies, deceit, malice, prejudice, and basically all suffering. It's a concept that frowns on the ideas of intellectuality, accountability, compassion, accountability, and most importantly; imagination and creativity. It is the very enemy of our own personal and individual evolution. For most it robs it from us in a highly sophisticated and subliminal manner. It robs of our innocence before we are even conceived.

This idea runs on the belief that a one size fits all approach control and direct human nature; like a rat in a maze, or a cow to a slaughter house, or bunch of people to a gas chamber that is labeled "shower". This idea is has been around since the days of Babylon. It was born from esoteric trains of thought; the concept of being on the outside looking in. Some would say this is trying to play god and they would be right. That is why some must attempt to project how it would feel to be subject to your choices. You must try to look both from the outside while feeling the inside. You think what is best for both sides of the coin only after putting yourself on both sides of the coin. This idea can be perverted though and it has been. The events of our time right now shows that is being used for engine that could very well lead to the death of our species. The funny thing is we are at point in our species' existence where thoughts like mine could make you a target of this engine. This is the engine that we call government and it only functions by running on energy. It focuses on energy that produced by death or as they call it; oil. Oil comes from living things and the ones used for petrochemical purposes comes the remains of fossilized living things. It comes from death itself; it very well is the blood of death itself. It runs the world even though it's no longer necessary.

It's funny when you look at it that way; government thrives off of the blood of death. Just look at all of the killing that the largest of governments will do for it. Wars and genocides have been committed for it. People give their lives for it. Tyrants have ruled because of it. Tears have been shed because of it. The world has been made savage because of it. Government believes that blood can be washed with blood. Government is blood thirsty and will provide any reason to quench its throat. It's a scary thing that makes us live in fear which allows it to control our lives. It's what makes us plug in so under the belief that we can be a child of Zion. Apparently the path to Zion is painted in blood. Sounds like a hell of a place doesn't it? Makes it seem like the type of place that could make your forget the horror you had seen before walking through its gate don't you think? Of course you would probably think that is the though of a psychopath. Welcome to government, enjoy your stay.

Our world is coming to where it is awakening to this fact. The people are starting to see that it is not working and needs to go. However, the method for removal is up for debate. Some preach violent revolution and upheaval. This is a stupid idea as it will only perpetuate the cycle that put our people in this predicament in the first place. Humanity has matured enough to the point that we can solve our problems without resorting to violence. Using violence to restore order will only perpetuate an order that operates on violence. Haven't we been violent enough for our history? Hasn't greed obviously shown itself to be a detriment to our well being? Can we finally grow up and take responsibility for our actions instead of sending psychos in business suits to do our bidding even though they do the opposite because they are just seeking out to carve a slice of the world for themselves?

I mean who else is sick of this machine or any of these machines for that matter? I'm sure Russian and Chinese people (as well as all others) that government does nothing more that perpetuate a system of terror in order to keep us in line while they suck us dry and not in a good way. They are like vampires minus the transparency. Instead of being violent and stooping to their level I say we just ignore them. We pay them no mind, we refuse to acknowledge them, we treat them like the stray rabid dogs that they are. Eventually they will succumb to their own disease and just die off. Let nature take its course and do the merciful thing. So them the same mercy that they show us and let them fend for themselves. They need us, we do not need them. We have only been programmed into thinking that we are needed. This is programming that can be undone if we choose to do it. This is the time to do it while the are struggling to keep their heads above water. Let nature take its course.

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