Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Living like a Superhero

By Frank Waszut

Humans are peculiar creatures. They are mammals; descendants of apes and many won't admit to it. They are the top of Earth's food chain. They have achieved much in their short time that they have existed. They created fire, discovered electricity, and split the atom. They have achieved feats that they once placed at the feet of their gods but now can call their own. They are a species capable of great things and great atrocity. This is why they are so important for our universe and all who lie in it. The key to the survival or extinction of it's inhabitants lies with them and them alone. No matter how much potential they have to use their power or succumb to their gravity lies with them and sooner or later they will have to make that choice.

Many of them do not realize it. They suffer of strife and conflict that makes them seek out to kill one another at the behest of their elders. Many are brainwashed into thinking this power does not lay with them but with Gods. This is what leaves them vulnerable to the seduction of the villainous and the tyrannical; they want answers that will numb away their fears. This has the ability to turn them into weapons themselves if they fall under the influence of malicious will. Many of these kinds of individuals have already led them, playing off of their ego to misguide their sense of empathy, into discriminating sections of their species and going along with mass murder and genocide. They learn lessons from their acts very slowly. Some of their brightest have called it evolution yet they see it as an excuse to stay bound in the shackles of dogma. Some are so bound by them that they don't notice them anymore. They actually find comfort in them even if they are being strangled.

They do have another side though. They have shown immense acts of good even when threatened with persecution and annihilation against seemingly insurmountable odds. Many have given their lives in order to protect the soul of their species even it has had its moments wallowing in the shadows and dancing with evil. They are still hear though because that have a remarkable ability in being able to write their own destiny. In essence they have the ability to become gods themselves because they have all the necessary tools to do it with. They have the power and all they must learn to do is to not give it up for anyone. They need not depend on others to do what they can, especially to the illusory. They may be the only ones that can find or create some particle of truth. The question is whether or not they will.

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