Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Stupid old people...

By Frank Waszut

There is a lot of shit that annoys me. Much of it I covered in my rant called "Pet Peeves". Many of those people I can somewhat excuse from being on the receiving end of a combat knife to the throat. I mean you can't blame a sheep that hasn't experienced the loss of a loved one from the wolves of our reality. The only suffering they have experienced is their dad not buying them stock options or a car that isn't worth six figures. I was somewhat spoiled myself as a child. My dad would take me to Toys 'R' Us when I got good grades. He would pay for my meals even when I reached my twenties and doing the whole MMA thing since he saw how broke the life of a fighter can be. In a way he spoiled me more than the rich kids that would bitch at him about their cars being towed even though they were in the wrong for parking where they didn't belong. Yes they might be little rich fascists in training but you have to take into account their parenting. It's not like they have had the proper nurturing that promotes a sense altruism. I was spoiled in that concept as I witnessed my dad perform acts of it everyday. It is particularly blood boiling when its one group of people. A certain group of people; crotchety old people. You know who they are.

They tell you how things were back in there day in an ignorant manner that makes you relieved that you learned of the existence of the theory of evolution. I could totally go off on an anti-religious rant but I'm trying to be more of a gentleman now a days since I quit drinking. Maybe there is something to the whole karma thing. I try to go along with the whole respect my elders concept merely for the fact that I'm pretty certain that delivering an elbow to their face might get me a manslaughter charge since their bodies have deteriorated to the point that they should be labeled as fragile. They know this and they take advantage. They know they are taking advantage just because of all the clich├ęd faux philosophical statements especially those in regards to wisdom coming with age. The young adults of today need to realize a truth in something about their grand parents and great grand parents.

THEY WERE NOT SPECIAL!! They more than likely got all C's in high school. They probably did drugs, shit loads of them. They probably cheated on their spouses, stole money, got caught in lies, were hypocritical, condescending to those they felt superior to and more than likely just outright full of shit to themselves and others. As a result they have had 60+ years to build up a bubble of cognitive dissonance around their psyche that allows them to preach their bullshit while hiding behind the frailty of their bodies. That's another thing if they are in such bad shape without any genetic predispositions to mitochondrial based diseases then that's another sign. It is not an excuse since many of those things can be prevented by taking care of yourself earlier in life. If you are 70 years old and walking around with a crutch then maybe you shouldn't be giving me advice on health and exercise. If you complain about hip hop sounding like nonsense without being able to critique it based on its artistic merit then maybe you shouldn't be giving out advice on racial equality with the whole separate but equal argument. Maybe you should also shut the fuck up about how people shouldn't mate outside of their race especially when given the fact that genetic diversity has been the key to surviving such pandemics as the Bubonic Plague and Spanish Influenza.

I was working security at a local downtown bar (Big Johns) that has been around since 1957. Many of these crotchety old people were just like the spoiled ignorant rich kids of today. This one old lady didn't understand that she couldn't leave the bar with a half full drink due to the City of Charleston having laws against walking down the street with open containers. She decided that instead of understanding what I was saying that she would smack me in the face instead like I was some 5 year old kid and I was left with the seething urge to kick her in the head like Anderson Silva. I'm a nice guy though and I realized she was going to die soon and time had already been more vicous to her judging by her liver spots. I mean she was acting exactly like sorostitute with a debutant world view.

That brings me to a point. Where do you think the rich kids learned to act the way they do? It's the result of ignorance nurturing ignorance and as these people get older they get an illusory pedestal of being wise. Listen here; Ghandi was wise. John F. Kennedy was wise. Martin Luther King Jr. was wise (albeit a plagiarist). Nelson Mandela was wise. Oskar Schindler was wise due to the lives he saved during the Holocaust. Trey Parker and Matt Stone are wise for pointing out the absurdities of our society. George Carlin was wise for the same thing as well as Bill Hicks, Richard Pryor, and Chris Rock. Michio Kaku is wise for realizing that sooner or later we will either get outside the box of our universe or go extinct as a result of short sightedness. They viewed humanity as a living being in of itself and that unity must come as a result peace that doesn't stem from false pretenses. That is the only way it can truly function. Any other method would be futile.

Unless your grandparents share similar sentiments then maybe you would do them a service of telling them to shut the fuck up and die with whatever little grace and dignity that they have left. If they actually do have some humanitarian wisdom to share then you might be one of the lucky ones that don't come off like the other pretentious dumb cunts of society. You're one of the lucky ones that were raised by someone wise like my father who treated people as human beings despite their labels. If so then maybe you aren't so offended by what I have said so far and you are still reading. The point is that if you are listening to some crotchety old fuck that is saying something that doesn't sit well with your humanity then maybe you shouldn't pay them any mind. Experience is a good teacher but only if you actually pay attention and read in between the lines.

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