Monday, January 27, 2014

Who is me?

A world of snowflakes that are unique,

Individuality is the word of what they speak,

They say "you don't know me"......

Shit, I can't even contemplate such a thing of myself like a wanna-be...

Bragging, shouting, bitching about,

Womp! Womp! is all these characters say in times of doubt,

Why do bitches forego the plan B and allow these tools out?

This goes through my head as I wonder my place,

In this place and time of NSA and an information arms race,

Fear of a Skynet seems to be the flow of the grains,

What idiocy this is that gives my mind aches and pains,

They think nuts and bolts could fuck shit up more than the Dick Cheneys or John McCains,

All the do is step in front of the cameras to complain,

While Obama don't even give a shit either since he signed the NDAA,

They think of how to kill this man named Snowden,

When they can't even keep the DOW from drowning,

Sometimes I think they are just waiting to reap something of their plowing,

Who is me?

Who is me?

This I ask myself,

As time goes on this definition seems more clouded in doubt,

Many a follower of Halmark say answers come in time,

The more I live it seems as though these fools are just preaching one big lie,

The true me seems to become more and more obscure,

A feeling that words of wisdom and serendipity seem unable to cure,

It's gotten to the point where I can't clear my mind while getting a blow job that would make many a poser's toes curl,

My mind is consumed in thought,

Even when the sex is on the level that many would have to deny they bought,

For me sex is nothing more than dropping a squat,

For the posers it offers just as much thrill as getting shot,

I now spend my days wondering if there is such a thing as a real me or not,

What is a real me?

Would I ever find serenity if such a thing were to be?

Or would I just sing about a sweet land tis of thee?

This world consumed in drama,

And the best they can do is complain about some actor named Obama,

And cheer while Peyton Manning screams about "Omaha",

Maybe that is why my mind is so filled with doubt,

Because I am surrounded by people that find dumb shit to brag and bitch about....

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