Friday, January 17, 2014


The source of much ire,
Math is something the brightest play with to aspire,

Most run our world based on fairy tales from books,
Math tells us our reality itself may be one filled with many kooks,
The suppression of such study is the behavior of all the crooks,
They care not to take second or third looks,

Many a fairy tale I look to string,
Because those in power want to decide of what we should laugh and sing,

I know not in which solace we can bath,
I just know it's in the math,
Hopefully my species will eventually get on that path,

The language of our reality many whom understand it they say,
Maybe visitors from another realm will come with questions on a random day,
And we will have more to say than just, "Que?"

If that day does ever come,
Maybe those who understand it will keep the idiots mum,

As of this moment right now,
Math is the only thing that can truly make us bow,

For those that would rather figure it out,
Maybe they can help us so our ignorance doesn't doom us in a rout....


  1. damn, Frank you're mind seems to be constantly going, how on earth do you find time to come up with this stuff?

  2. I tend to have a lot of bowel movements, my smart phone has a blogger app, I am not exactly employed full time at the moment, it takes awhile for me to recover sessions of masturbating to internet porn, and I have to make my self take a break from GTA Online every once in awhile plus you know; the whole aspergers thing.