Thursday, September 5, 2013


By Frank Waszut

Everyone on here is probably well aware of my distrust of the United States government and the police state for which it stands that is well funded by corrupt corporate CEOs and the Federal Reserve as well as international banking cartels that operate on a system of lies, deceit, murder, prejudice, media manipulation, and pretty much else anything that good parenting would tell you were moral follies at best and outright injustices in reality. This is the government that we as a people have voted for and pay taxes for. That pretty much says something about the intellectual state of our people at the moment. While Miley Cyrus is getting attention for grinding her bone thin ass on Robin Thicke's CIA-Trained Syrian rebels are lacing targets in Syria for US Military airstrikes that seem to be more and more of an inevitability. This is much to the chagrin of Russia and China who just happen to be the other highly industrialized countries that also happen to have shit loads of nuclear weapons with warmongers on both sides yearning to use them so that they can jerk off to the mushroom clouds and the sights of charred corpses that would stream in on government controlled media.

Most American Nationalists would be glad to see the sight of Republicans like John McCain and Lindsey Graham actually being on board with a plan to strike Syria, but this is a result of residual brain washing from growing up in a post-Kennedy era of America where brain with public schooling being it's brush of choice. For those that can read in between the lines such cooperation should be ominous to say the least aside from the fact of both parties agreeing to bomb a nation based on circumstantial evidence that wouldn't hold up in a courtroom north of the mason Dixon line. I'm not saying that Assad is either innocent or guilty based on what I have seen so far, but that is what dew process is designed for. You are supposed to collect evidence, infer meaning, make sure there hasn't been any tampering of the evidence (which would be evidence of wrong doing in itself), and come to an educated conclusion before any course of action is taken. For the sake of argument lets go ahead and assume that Assad did in fact carry out a large scale attack on his own people using rockets armed with Sarin gas which is certainly a possibility given the fact that Assad has the capability of doing so.

If the evidence has shown that there is probable cause to suspect that Assad had a direct hand in ordering mass murder then it should be handled like any case of murder. Assad would need to be captured in order to face the charges in front of an international war crimes tribunal on charges of crimes against humanity like any murder is. A trial should be carried out where both the prosecution and defense should be able to present their evidence and the argue the details of it with the inclusion of witness testimony. After both sides make their closing arguments the tribunal comes to an educate decision based on if there is any credible doubt to the guilt of the defendant and then come to a decision of Assad's guilt or innocence. This the democratic way of handling such cases and the way it should be even if American seems to be pushing for punishment without empirical evidence to justify it. This is an alarming habit that has gone on for way too long and why our country is so polarizing in regards to global perception since we as a people bring it upon ourselves with our votes. We vote for individuals whom argue interpretations of  the same ideology that is taken way too literally just like other ideologies that they preach except when it comes to a violent conflict that can be profitable to both sides.

That's really what this whole Syria situation comes down to is; money. With a country and world in constant fear of how much capital one has war seems like something that is justifiable when it never truly is. There never really is a reason, just a want and an excuse. We forget that we are animals at times that has taken the art of malice to unprecedented levels of scientific precision and it has become a very lucrative business. It is also blood money since it is based on industries that build instruments of death and suffering. We seek to quell violence with the use of violence even when that violence isn't knocking on our doorstep and doesn't quell it even when it does. Most watching the Syria conflict have been living with the trauma that was instilled from September 11th, 2001. This gave us the idea that all middle eastern people are one reading of the Qua'Ran away from strapping a bomb to their chest and becoming a terrorist which has been true for a minority of the individuals that live in that region of the world. Most though are human beings like you and me that are just looking to get through life with some answers even they are illusory. Some of the truly bright ones just want to formulate some truly inspiring questions. With that said I have one. Should our country be the police of the world and is that what we are truly doing?

When you understand what a cop is they are truly nothing more than the a cog in the judicial wheel. Their job is to capture suspects and to put them into the system so that system can take it's course. A system is supposed to be blind and prosecute based on empirical evidence and witness testimony that is credible. That alone would mean that our only job as country that "polices" the world is to capture that suspected parties responsible so that they can face justice. Bombing a country based on circumstantial evidence is playing judge, jury, and executioner which is the will of a tyrant that is not concerned with the freedom of individuals; only with giving the illusion of it in order to justify its means. Is that what our country is coming to? The will of tyrants that have the funds to bank roll it? Is that what the legacy of our country will be and how it is remembered?

This is why I ask everyone that reads this the same thing that John F. Kennedy asked of us during his tenure as President before his life was ended tragically. I ask for your help as an United States citizen and a citizen of humanity at large to do something about this. I ask you to educate yourself and not take the word of your media and your politicians as gold standard. I ask that you look for truth yourself and come to your own conclusions. I ask that you start to think for yourself. I ask that you see people as human beings despite their labels. I ask that you learn to read in between the lines and to make your decisions based on that instead of what you are supposed to do. That is how we can correct this unfortunate course that our nation and species is heading towards; a dark one. It's not too late to fix this but that time is getting closer and will become a reality if we sit idly by and do nothing. I ask that you make your government know that you see through them and see their nature. Maybe if enough people put their voices out their then our tyrants will take notice and change their course as well.

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