Sunday, July 28, 2013

The American Dream

Americans live on a boat. We listen to some politician that tells us to keep rowing our boat to some island called “The American Dream”. We row and row and row and row past any point of physical reason or exhaustion. We are told to ignore the dolphins, the whales, the storms, the reflection of the waves, or even the fucking direction that we are going. We keep rowing until we start to see a speck of land; of this island called the American Dream. We have lost many of those we care since they succumbed to how much they suffered for some beloved ideology that can be found on this island. We figure we must now row even harder so that their loss wasn’t in vain ad that some sugar plum fairy is taking care of them now. They also tell us that those evil pirates that bomb us wont come near us even though we watched them kill our friends. We believe their words because it is the “government”.

We keep rowing forward until that speck of land gets closer and bigger while picking up on a pungent aroma. We want to believe its a good aroma due to all the rowing we have done. More friends die, more promises are told. Eventually your boat gets bombed once you get close enough to see the waves break on the island. You fear your dreams of fucking super models while joining the mile high club on a G6 while sipping Patron will be lost and all your rowing will be in vain as your boat begins to sink so you begin to swim. One stroke after another until your feet can feel land; land that doesn’t quite feel solid, like mud. The stench is overwhelming. You don’t see any big titted supermodels welcoming your with your bottled inhibitions on a tarmac until you start crawling out of the water and try to walk and fall over and over until you eventually become upright which is when you promptly sink up to your neck in this muddy substance with stench that now wants to make you vomit and envy those that died out at sea.

Suddenly have an epiphany as the flavor of this mud hits your tasted buds while its pure aroma infiltrates your nostrils. You realize your rowing was for nothing all along and your are about to die while drowning in this island of fecal matter. You spent your life just to drown in bullshit. Welcome to American folks. Say hello to the false promise that your representatives want you to believe.

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