Monday, May 12, 2014

God...No God...Is there 11 Dimensional lube?

Is there a God? Is there no God? Does it really matter? These are the questions that rule our days on both conscious and subconscious levels. It stems from our Theory of Mind which stems from our awareness of the inevitability of death. This has led to some great innovation and an exponentially vaster amount of stupidity. Then again if it wasn't for that there wouldn't be any motivation for smart people to escape the perils of obscurity so maybe stupidity isn't so stupid after all.  Maybe incompetence serves intellectual purposes especially since it would be hard to identify geniuses without some form of the sentient litmus test that can be found walking the aisles of Wal-Mart.
Then again in the grand scheme of things on cosmological scales we are all no better than asking if you want intergalactic fries with that. That's why Douglas Adams is a genius and Justin Bieber is nothing more than cannon fodder for TMZ. I know going after Bieber is kind of cliche but then again when you get more pussy than I do and haven't hit puberty then you're fair game. Many a pessimist would say that we are quite insignificant and if you went solely based on size they would be right. Then again smaller things tend to pack more power than bigger things. We may not be 41.7 Billion light years wide and growing at faster than the speed of light but the fact that we can comprehend that is quite remarkable. Even more remarkable is the fact that we do, in theory, have the ability spread out and be able to manipulate that some day. Colonizing Mars might appear to be a huge step, currently, but thousands of years from now our descendants will probably look upon it as child's play. Just like how a caveman would be befuddled at how we drive in carriages propelled by controlled explosions or that obesity is an epidemic because attaining food is as easy as going to a fast food drive through. They would also probably be a little shocked that people try to mimic what they ate to survive as a fad diet now, i.e. the Paleo Diet.
I'm not religious by any means and for awhile I was adamantly anti-religious but I was also born Catholic. For awhile I believed that there was a God and he would take care off those that did good and banished evil. I felt it was absolutely black and white; that there was no room for negotiation and that evil was evil. In other words I was Fox News. Then shit happened to me. I was falsely accused of rape, a friend of mine got murdered, I went through a couple rocky romances, sustained a traumatic brain injury which ended my mixed martial arts career, and then my dad died unexpectedly of a heart attack. My world perspective, for lack of better word, was shattered beyond recognition. Everything that I thought was true turned out not to be so. My dad wasn't going to be around forever. I wasn't going to fight George St. Pierre for a UFC title. Bad things happen to good people but what they don't tell you is what those bad things do to good people. It changes them and for some it corrupts them. They become they very evil that they wouldn't even consider becoming prior to traumatic events. It's why victims of child molestation are more likely to become sex offenders themselves; that or strippers and porn stars even though those two tend to be more pro-social than rapists.
The thing with institutionalized ideologies such as religion is that their goal and purpose is to instill a standard of civilized thought; programming the masses if you will. It's really just programming or a blue pill if you follow The Matrix. It gives those whom would otherwise act irrational and malicious a social construct that instills order and a sense of justice. It breeds civilization and when run efficiently can actually be quite effective on local and regional scales. That is until their are dissenting perspectives that throw the programming into a state of flux. We all want to think that we are open minded but the truth is those individuals are still quite the minority. Most homo sapiens are programmed to dehumanize when people with dissenting views, or even just appear different, come into our mists. This has led to many an atrocity since our species became the apex predators of this planet. Here's a few examples:
"Jews aren't cool."-Adolf Hitler
"They like the old Russia huh?"-Joseph Stalin
"They don't think I'm a God."-Kim Jung Un
"They are infidels."-9/11 Hijackers
"Lincoln freed who?"-John Wilkes Booth
Obviously there are plenty of more examples but those are the ones that jump out to me. So what's the point of all this? Programming is what. It's becoming increasingly evident that the universe runs on math in some shape or form. According to theoretic physicist Brian Greene's book, The Hidden Reality, there is philosophy that our reality is nothing more than math feeling itself. Yes, you read that right. Everything you have ever seen or felt could just be the result of reality massaging it's galactic cock in a vigorous fashion which would probably mean that math has some callouses by now. Maybe that is what Pi is; a callous on math's jerking off hand. Then again math is written; its spoken. Math is a language and the only one that we know of to be universal. It's the true programming as it regulates everything. It is everything and its jerking off. Sounds like a porno doesn't it? What if that's what all our reality is; a massive cyber galactic 3-dimensional porno and we are all the fluffers and strokers? What other beings are also doing some stroking; on a keyboard as well as using 11-dimensional Windex to clean it up.
Maybe our entire reality is a porno devised by horny 11 Dimensional programmers looking to get their rocks off. They got bored of watching 11 dimensional girls with 11 dimensional boobs getting their 11 dimensional rocks off while their 11 dimensional lusters/thrusters fill them up with 11 dimensional semen. That 11 dimensional semen could lead out onto 10 dimensional sheets and leave 10 dimensional stains while the thruster try to get there 11 dimensional cocks up again so they can penetrate 11 dimensional assholes after lubing them up to trim down on the friction. All this could be going on while our three dimensional selves could be wondering one those all too important existential questions:
"Is somebody cumming?"
Maybe they are content with just getting their rocks off and maybe so should we.
"And you thought a cigar was just a cigar huh?"

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