Tuesday, July 30, 2013


"Religion is the opium of the people."-Karl Marx

We live in a world full of beliefs. Some believe that some book which claims that some talking snake convinced some naked chick in some magic garden to eat a fruit from some forbidden magic tree that had some forbidden knowledge which angered some insecure all knowing deity that made it so that we had to deal with the unkind harshness of reality that involved AIDS, Justin Beiber, Taylor Swift, Cancer, and the Boston Red Sox winning a World Series Title. We have people that believe in capitalism which was perfectly summed up by a quote I read that simply said, "Capitalism is the belief that there is no such thing as too much." It can also be summed up as the belief that there is always room for a Jell-O----or a Big Mac---with the fries---and the shake---yes, the muthafuckin shake, because in our pussified society we also believe that there is no such thing as too big of waistline since we also believe that having too big of waistline isn't due to being an unmotivated lazy fat ass but a disease. Yes, a muthafucking disease.

Let me explain something, Malaria is a fucking disease because it can kill you due to no fault of your own. The bubonic plague is a fucking disease because it can kill you due to no fault of your own (it's the fucking flea that lives on the rat's fault). Child Support is a disease, because it can kill you due to no fault of your own even that's what makes you want to put a gun in your mouth. Actually now that I think about it all of these can be faults of your own. Disease really is a fault of your own because they start with the greatest disease that inflicts all of us, even myself since belief is the entire point of me writing an article which is trying destroy the entire concept of belief and cram that idea into the hole that is your brain. Belief is a disease for many reasons but most of all it is due to the fact that it gives rise to two symptoms in the form of optimism bias and cognitive dissonance. These symptoms become readily notable when smashed in the face with Robert DeNiro, playing Al Capone, in The Untouchables with the Lousiville Slugger of reality.

Optimism Bias is the condition in which no matter how much the odds are stocked against you that you somehow think you will be that special little snowflake that defies the odds. Smokers for instance are a perfect example of this. I mean they see the surgeon generals label. They see all the truth ads. They see their relatives on oxygen tanks from decades long smoking habits or ones having their death gurgles from lung cancer but low and behold they have a pack of Parliament Lights and a lighter on the ready for when they go outside to cry about how their loved one could be so fucking stupid while they put a P-funk to their lips and light up to continue the obvious genetic line of stupidity. Why? Because of optimism bias. It's the belief that you are that special little snowflake that won't melt even though in reality all fucking snowflakes melt eventually.

Cognitive dissonance is the symptom that makes you believe what you know is true even when empirical evidence debunks that assumption. For instance, Christians that take the Bible literally and actually believe that the Earth is 10,000 years old. That is an assumption. Empirical inquiry has discovered fossilized remains of organisms as well as used carbon dating on rocks and minerals that put the age of the Earth at around 4 Billion years old. That debunks the claim of the Bible right there and proves that it's bullshit. Now the Christian that takes this science fiction book way too seriously has a dilemma on his hands in the form of assumption versus reality. What do some of these gullible jerk offs do? They come to the assumption that the fossils were placed there as a test from their beloved omnipotent fairy tale pixie with a beard and anger management issues that still loves them. You know what? It is a test. A test from reality to see if they are a fucking moron that suffers from cognitive dissonance and infected with optimism bias. Here are some more examples of belief vs. reality:

1. "Honey, does this dress make my ass make me look fat?"

Belief: "No, honey you're beautiful."

Reality: "Yes, you're fucking fat and you've been getting fatter ever since you started eating that wedding cake and stopped putting out. Start going to the gym and watching some porn you fat, cold bitch."

2. "Why do bad things happen?'

Belief: "Because everything happens for a reason and good things are coming your way."

Reality: "Because fuck you that's why."

3. The government is getting too big.

Belief: "We need a more conservative man in office that will shrink the governments' size."

Reality: "Conservatives want a man in office that will shrink the government so that corporate CEOs can fuck up the economy even more, i.e. the Wall Street crash of 2008, in order to keep the working and lower classes in debt while allowing inflation to be unregulated in order to keep corporate CEOs in power and allowing international banking cartels to keep a strangle hold on humanity."

4. What do cops do?

Belief: "Cops are hired to protect and serve our community."

Reality: "Cops are nothing more than glorified gangsters that collect money through tickets and taxes since they have the government on their side while having no interest in preventing serious crimes, i.e. rape and murder, since solving those crimes doesn't generate revenue. This is why detectives are basically insomniacs since they have to find justice after the fact and crime never sleeps."

5. What is evolution?

Belief: "Evolution doesn't exist."

Reality: "The fact that you are reading this from a lap top or a smart phone instead of trying to figure out what I am saying from smoke signals is proof evolution exists."

6. Abortion

Pro-Life Belief: "All life is sacred"

Pro-Choice Belief: "It's my body."

Pro-Life reality: "Life is about as sacred as that burger you eat from a cow that got processed in a slaughter house and that tomato and lettuce that came from a living plant."

Pro-Choice reality: "Technically speaking it's you, the fetus's body, as well as the father's since you were dumb enough not to use a condom, a diaphragm, or use any form of birth control in the way that it is prescribed. Whether or not to carry a fetus to term should be weighed against a variety of variables such as your ability to be a responsible parent, if the baby could be healthy enough to be brought to term, whether or not it won't have some debilitating birth defect like down syndrome, as well as whether or not carrying it to term would be a threat to the mother's health. All these should be discussed between the father and mother before making any decision along with the fact there are other options like giving the baby up for adoption if the both you feel that dumb cunts like yourselves wouldn't be responsible parents which is fine since there are plenty of people that can't have kids that would love to raise yours in a loving home."

7. College

Belief: "College is the only way to succeed in life."

Reality: "College is the only way to succeed in life if you are an aspiring mathematician or theoretical physicist that needs the funding of tenure to carry on your research in order to decipher the mysteries of our reality. For anyone else it is a Ponzi scheme to indoctrinate you into a society based on capital that was based on the model set forth by the Rockefeller General Education Board whose goal is only to teach you enough to carry out a desired chore and be nothing more than a cog in the worlds socioeconomic wheel that is fueled by greed, fear, corruption, and gullibility. If you have a dream to do something with your life then do it; just figure out how to make money at it. If you fail, get back up, figure out where you went wrong, and fix those mistakes. That's what I do. That's why I passed up on a free ride to Duke, academic scholarship, in order to chase my dream of being a professional cage fighter which failed when I suffered a traumatic brain injury. I was heart broken, I cried and I drank a lot while wallowing in my sorrow which wasn't solving shit.

I started reading Tucker Max novels and found a new dream of being a writer which eventually led to me starting this blog as well as working on a line of science fiction novels which hopefully will generate income and if not then it still wont be lost cause since I took a risk and learned something about myself while giving my life meaning and purpose. I will take what I learned to another endeavor which I have in the making. Following my intuition and not conforming to societal norms makes every day I spend alive an enjoyable one and one I don't take for granted. It's what makes me feel like a human being instead of a mindless drone that is bogged down in a routine of punching in and punching out the clock from 9-5. Take a risk with your life, it might be the healthiest thing you can do for yourself."

8. Same Sex Marriage

Belief: "Marriage is strictly between a man and a woman."

Reality: "Who marries who is none of your fucking business. The only business of marriage that pertains to you is who YOU choose to marry whether it be of the opposite, same, trans, multiple, or beastialilty type. You want to have a polygamist marriage involving your teddy bear, pet ferret, and that meth head with the herp down at section 8 housing then feel free. It's your life and it's your choice. It's also no business of yours of whom others choose to spend the rest of their lives with. If you don't like two guys kissing then don't look."

9. Gun control

Belief: "The 2nd Amendment gives us the Right the bear arms."

Reality: "Rights are priviliges and priviliges are earned. Just because you have a clean record shouldn't guarantee one the ability own a gun. Jeffrey Dahmer, Timothy McVeigh, Richard Kuklinsky, James Holmes, and Gary Ridgeway were all law abiding citizens. They were also mass murderers who suffered psychopathy which allowed for them to process empathy differently from others while allowing them the choice of whether or not to act on it or not. These individuals chose to murder and kill albeit being law abiding citizens until they committed their crimes and while some didn't use guns in their acts of malice the point is that they still used tools to kill and a gun is a tool with which the only purpose is to kill.

Now I'm not saying responsible citizens shouldn't be denied guns outright but still there needs to be a stricter process to gun ownership in order to curb and cut off options for individuals that look to harm others. They may find other methods to kill but at the very least they will have one less option. It's a step in the right direction and maybe if our society starts to take steps in the right direction then psychopaths might run out of reasons to start hurting people in the first place which brings me too.

10. Psychopathy

Belief: "Psychopaths are dangerous individuals and if they haven't harmed someone they will inevitably do so."

Reality: "Psychopathy is a vague umbrella term for a variety of psychological issues that could lead to one becoming one whom murders, rapes, and/or steals. Genetics plays a part in this due to the fact that it allows their brains to process empathy differently than the vast majority of people and according to statistics afflicts about 2-3% of our population and yes many of these individuals have become notorious serial killers, mafia hitmen, and the leaders of genocidal regimes such as Adolf Hitler whom helmed the Nazi regime in Germany that led to the systematic murder of 15 million people by some counts. He suffered from a condition called Asperger's Syndrome which was also called Autistic Psychopathy.

That is one example. There was also another individual whom is suspected to have been afflicted with this condition. His name was Albert Einstein and he the was the world renowned physicist that gave birth the theory of general relativity which is used to this day and helps to explain the nature of our cosmos on macroscopic scales where we can't use Newtonian equations and led to the advent of quantum physics. I myself have Asperger's syndrome and have never become a killer. There are also doctors, cops, professional athletes, soldiers, lawyers, politicians, etc. that can be considered psychopaths and they are also capable of great acts of good or evil just like any of us. They just have an advantage of being able to succeed in whatever endeavor they choose since they also tend to be highly intelligent.

The thing that usually decides what course they take in life is their nurture. If they are raised in an environment infused with emotional and physical trauma then they will more than like veer towards apathy and malice. If they are raised in an environment of love and understanding then they will more than likely veer towards empathy and a desire to help their fellow human beings. I can say for myself that if I wasn't raised in a loving home then my life would have more than likely taken a much darker turn and I'd probably be in jail at this time."

As you can see there is a trend where belief can be seen as a disease that not only hurts us as individuals but hurts our species as a whole. It doesn't have to be though as maybe destroying belief isn't the right idea either. Maybe its just where we aim our beliefs. Most choose to aim their beliefs to some outside source whether it be ideals portrayed by religion, education, government, or society. This is unhealthy because it puts you at the mercy of factors that are out of your control. Maybe a healthier direction is to have belief in yourself and help those around you find to belief in themselves as well because each and every one of us has the ability to change our world for the better and furthermore find a way to move beyond this world to the vast empire of discovery that can be found in the stars and beyond. That is our destiny; to explore and to seek out new frontiers that pushes our intuition and know to how to it's limits. That is why our species is the dominant one on this planet and doesn't have to suffer the fate of extinction that other dominant species have had to endure. You know the Christians maybe right. Maybe the fossils are a test of our faith; the faith in ourselves to free ourselves from the shackles of fate and to set our own course in the great unknown.

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