Saturday, August 17, 2013

Human Delusions

Humanity in its present form has existed for approximately 200,000 years which might seem like a really long time when compared to our individual lifespans but in reality it is a trivial fart in the wind time when compared to the 13.82 Billion years that some "nothing" decided to pull an B-Rabbit from 8-Mile to be "something" which would pave the way for a humungous and expanding kiddie pool  that physicists now call the Higgs Field or Space-Time with shit loads of photons, neutrinos, and other elementary particle shit to began whizzing around in a ever expanding kiddie pool of space-time that wanted to be "big boy" pool of space time. Eventually this kiddie pool figured that it was quite boring and wanted some more shit besides the black shit or quarks, neutrinos, leptons, mesons, bosons, etc. so it used gravity which started all this shit to begin to come together like a galactic Brady Bunch to make more said shit in the forms of stars (kind of like the night lighta for the universe), planets, asteroids, planetoids and comets. There were some awful things like Texas, Ohio, Florida, and Canada that would also eventually come about but that's getting a little ahead of ourselves. First we have to talk about the things that made such monstrosities as those sovereignties possible. First the universe needed life and not just any life but intelligent life that would be more than happy to chase it's own illusory tail which is where our little blue and green ball comes into play except it wasn't blue and green at first; it was fucking molten with volcanoes or planetary equivalent of lava spewing zit. Now this might sound alarming but keep in mind all those volcanoes helped to form an atmosphere that lead to this awesome thing called oxygen. You know? A highly important ingredient for this little thing we call air that makes our lives possible and made it possible for single celled organisms that would eventually evolve into shaved looking apes that we call humans.

Now whether or not some insecure omnipotent being that supposedly hates everyone but White Anglo Saxon Protestant closeted Nazi's created it is irrelevant, or Allah for you towel hat wearing Muhammad nut huggers that come from countries that our political puppets love using drones to bomb the shit out of from time to time. Oh yeah and whatever you Buddhists believe that makes you think a cock roach actually cares if it gets smashed by a porno magazine. What's relevant is understanding how it works and how this proverbial galactic kid from the galactic slum of nothing got so fucking big in the first place;  41.7 Billion years by most estimates and that's just the shit that we can see. Now the really crazy thing is that all that shit we can see and not see is more than likely nothing more than an illusion being projected from a two dimensional plane outside of this space-time big boy pool that is no longer a Toys 'R' Us kid that gives us the illusion of 3 dimensions; and possibly 8 more dimensions according to string theory. In other words we are like those gold fish whom are easily scared when some egocentric toddler decides to tap the glass.

This brings us to homo sapiens or modern day humans. Today most of us think that we are special and on our little blue green ball we are since are the top of the food chain. The first thing that happened was some hairy guy in a cave decided to use some rocks or sticks or some combination of objects to cause friction to create a spark which he caught with some sort of fuel that led to fire which he more than likely did to shut some cave women up that was bitching about the dark or that her food tasted too much like the smell of her unshaved cunt. Fast forward a couple hundred thousand years and now we have guys buying piece of shit dystopian devices like iPhones and cars with built in vacuums to shut their ladies up that now have much nicer smelling cunts thanks to another invention we call soap. They also have beliefs in omnipotent beings that like to make us suffer yet love us while needing money, aliens that were so special that they decided to inseminate themselves into us, multiple gods that do the teamwork of all the omnipotent shit, and of course those who are honest with themselves and admit they don't know or those that are angry and say there is nothing.

This illustrates two very important facts about homo sapiens:

1. They are very good at figuring shit out and making never before seen shit from scratch.

Here is a list of things that we have figured out how to make from scratch:

- metallic boxes that irradiate food in order to heat it without having to make fire

-metallic boxes that uses soaps and softeners to make it so that our clothes don't smell like 5 week old rancid fried chicken

-the wheel

-metallic boxes with wheels that are propelled by a constant explosion as well as electricity.

-really big metallic boxes that use highly concentrated yet relatively stable chemicals that can shoot said metallic boxes into orbit around our blue green ball and other objects into the orbit of other rocky and gaseous balls that we call planets and moons that send us back photos that give physics geeks massive erections at the thought of possibly seeing a glimpses of a hot alien with three sets of tits nude sun bathing on Europa

-devices that allow us to talk over long distances and download videos a coeds taking multiple Mandingo cocks in her freshly scented cunt and poop shoot with the hopes of being the next girl to collect child support from Ray Lewis

-pieces a latex that can be wrapped around said cocks so that in 2-20 days later they won't having oozing sores around their cunts that feel like the fires of Hades.

-devices that blast music so that Taylor Swift can bitch about how she can't find a decent guy even though most guys don't like women that are ape shit psycho while not being skilled enough in bed to justify it.

-books to keep records of our thoughts, opinions, actions, ideas, fairy tales, scientific and mathematical theories, and pictures of naked chicks.

-making elongated phalanx shaped pieces of meat with shit loads of salt and animal parts that most don't want to think about while ingesting

-open seated chairs filled with water that we fill with the digested unused waste from said elongated pieces of butchered animal carcass into before pushing a lever that sends the sewage into other pipes that eventually gets to a sewer and eventually a sewage treatment plant that filters out the sewage while purifying the water so that we can drink it again while not having to worry about intestinal worms.

2. They are also very good at believing in illusions and thinking such illusions are real.

Here are some things created from us believing in illusions and thinking they are real or that even reality is real:

-Organized Religion


-our education system (at least in the United States and Nazi Germany, they really can be interchangeable at times)

-comic books (even though Stan Lee at least doesn't try to hide the fact that it is fiction and a metaphor for human and sentient nature)

-Religious texts

-any history class taught in grade school

-corporate advertising




-brand name apparel

-video games

-pro (fake) wrestling (even though those guys do take a shit load of punishment through their choreographed ass whoopings)

-the Westboro Baptist Church



-Norse Mythology

-Greek Mythology

-The Ancient Persian Empire

-the careers of pop stars...






-the national debt

-that a country with a centralized banking system can be a democracy.



-Dane Cook

-that a women having a headache is an excuse to not have sex.

-the belief that John F. Kennedy was killed by a magic bullet

-Miracle Bras

-that hooking up with a girl is as simple as dropping a pick up line and buying her a drink (it actually is simple but it's in the form of listening to her and asking questions that makes her talk about herself because women love to do that)

I can go on and on but it should become evident that a lot of stupid shit is born out of our gullibility towards illusions; kind of like a moth to a flame fueled by stupidity. As I live in the south I run into stupid people that eat up such illusory sugar coated bullshit like it's Skittles. Speaking of which that brings me to a situation recently where illusion met reality (or as Albert Einstein called it "the stubbornly persistent illusion"). This situation happened in an abysmal mosquito infested monstrosity I spoke of earlier called the state of Florida. There was a very delusional man that was part of a neighborhood watch program by the name of George Zimmerman. He saw a 17 year old African American male by the name of Trayvon Martin who was wearing a hoodie on a rainy night. As every knows, the cliff notes version of the story is that there was a struggle, Zimmerman pulled out a gun and shot Martin dead. Let's break down the illusions compared to the realities shall we?

1. Upon Zimmerman noticing Martin in the community where this all took place:

The illusion: "That's a black guy in my neighbor hood with a hoodie. He must be up to no good and is highly suspicious."

The reality:  A lot of people wear hoodies. Especially when it's raining out. Especially when it's raining out in February even in Florida even though it is a sub tropical climate. That's the entire point of the hoodie; protection from the elements. Yes the media constantly used photos of Martin taken years prior that made him look like Uncle Tom's boy next door and at the time he had gold teeth and tattoo's that made it look like he listened to Lil' Wayne too much but that in itself does not mount as probable cause for suspicion. Probable cause would have been if Martin was peeping into windows which would could reasonably be construed as him "casing" a property or breaking a window to gain entry to a residence. This brings me to number two.

2. Martin being in that neighborhood

The illusion held by most Protestant white people: "Martin had no business being in that neighborhood and Zimmerman had every right to follow him."

The Reality: Martin had plenty of business being in that neighborhood considering that the fiancĂ© of his father lived there and as well as the fact that Martin lived with her. Martin was walking home which to most white people will see as suspicious if you are black, have gold teeth, and wear a hoodie. Also if black people that are in the tea party "Uncle Toms" will as well because they hate being black and would join the KKK if they could. Let that be a note to anyone that listens to hip hop; yes Lil' Wayne got famous for having a few decent songs. Not for looking like something that Flava Flav shot out of his dick and let a tattoo artist raise next to a liquor store and a whore house. You might think it's cool and edgy but it will make white people and people that kiss a lot of white ass think that your presence is a crime in progress. I'm not saying to stop doing it, I'm just saying most people are stupid and don't "get it" even if you do.

3. On Zimmerman following Martin even after a police dispatcher told him not to.

The illusion: "Zimmerman had every right to follow Martin."
The reality: "Since you read earlier that simply walking in a neighborhood that you live in while wearing a hoodie is not itself probably cause for suspicion then it means that Zimmerman had no reason to follow Martin other his own innate prejudices. When you follow someone without a justifiable reason just because you feel like it there is a legal term for it. It is called "stalking" and even cops are supposed to follow that even though a lot of times they call it "checking someone out". I had a cop "check me out" years ago as I was driving home from working security at a downtown Charleston bar. The cop followed me all the way to the house that I lived at, pulled up in front of the property as I pulled into drive way, got out of his car, walked onto the property, started asking me about my business, and I kindly told him to fuck off which he did since he had no legal recourse but to since he realized he was dealing with someone that knew the law better than he did and that was a cop. Zimmerman wasn't and even if he did he would have been breaking protocol. If you don't believe me try following a cop with no reason to and see what happens.

4. On Zimmerman shooting Martin.

The illusion: "Zimmerman shot Martin self defense."

The reality: Self defense is a very tricky thing but it usually boils down to who commits the first threatening act. In this case the first threatening act was Zimmerman following Martin. The reason why most white people don't see it this way is because they aren't black. Like it or not being born white in this country, especially from a Protestant family, leads to a lot of privileges in regards to legal matters that others do not get unless they excel in something mainstream such as athletic or entertainment industries. However, a new burgeoning trend is that you can earn such privileges by kissing a lot of white Protestant ass since lynching has kind of fallen out style and this is the only way that Protestants can still keep some control of the masses. Just think of it as an "Uncle Toms get out of Jail Free" card. That is how Zimmerman was able to get off even though he was half Peruvian and Half German. I wonder which side was the one that thought Martin was suspicious.

5. On the verdict

The illusion: "Justice was served."

The reality: "Zimmerman was acquitted in the State of Florida whose government is about as intellectually capable as a Jessica Simpson giving a lecture on the importance of a 5 sigma level of assurance on the existence of the Higgs Boson. All the verdict proved was how incompetent Florida's legal system and how much it leans towards a Protestant world view. Remember the 2000 presidential election?

6. The stand your ground law.

The illusion (according to Wikipedia): "A stand-your-ground law is a type of self-defense law that gives individuals the right to use deadly force to defend themselves without any requirement to evade or retreat from a dangerous situation. It is law in certain jurisdictions within the United States. The basis may lie in either statutory law and or common law precedents. One key distinction is whether the concept only applies to defending a home or vehicle, or whether it applies to all lawfully occupied locations. Under these legal concepts, a person is justified in using deadly force in certain situations and the "stand your ground" law would be a defense or immunity to criminal charges and civil suit. The difference between immunity and a defense is that an immunity bars suit, charges, detention and arrest. A defense, including an affirmative defense, is a fact or set of facts that may avoid or mitigate the adverse legal consequences of the defendant's otherwise unlawful conduct."

The reality: Did you notice where it said evade or retreat? Did you notice how it said nothing about having a right to pursue? What that means is that if someone is attacks you then you then you don't have to run for the hills. You can stand your ground. It doesn't say anything about pursuing someone to initiate an altercation and using a gun you have tucked in the back of your pants when things don't go your way. The reason that Zimmerman got off is because perception is everything and in the state of Florida Zimmerman looked like a fine up standing citizen while Martin fit the profile of a thug.

This brings me to a more honest translation of what stand your ground means:

If you are a white protestant or kiss a lot of white protestant ass then you can stand your ground for any reason that seems plausible and if you are not or don't then you have no ground to stand on.

With that all said we can see how belief in illusions can lead to a lot of bullshit that hold us back as a species. Now don't get me wrong, at the deepest level of our understanding of reality it is a pretty common consensus amongst theoretical physicists and mathematicians that our reality is an illusion that we all share. The problem is we decide to keep deluding ourselves because it's easier to live a happy go lucky fantasy where some knight in shining armor saves the day which leads to lousy sex since damsels in  distress tend to suck in bed. That's probably why there hasn't been a sex tape released of Taylor Swift because no one would be sure if it was her or an anorexic mannequin fitted with a flesh light.

People can start rectifying this by first realizing that they live in an illusion and that they have more than likely been lied to their whole life because their parents were lied to their whole life and so were there parents and so forth. That's the one thing humanity has been consistent with since it's existence, besides killing each other in more and more creative ways. We do come up with some great ideas but since we like to delude ourselves and get scared like dumb little cunts we figure out ways to turn them into instruments of malice since some other delusional asshole might do it first. It's also why grade schools delude us about US History. They tell us all the things that puts our government in a good light and neglect the things that put us in a bad light (i.e. Operation: Northwoods, The Tuskegee Experiment, The Business Plot, How the Bush family made their fortune, The Rockefellers helping the Nazi's design their Eugenics Program from the ground up, etc.). They want us to believe the delusion too since they get paid by the same people that pay the government and full disclosure would be bad for business.

In other words people need to start doing research and begin to educate themselves instead of having assholes with their own agendas tell them what they want them to know. It's not that hard and really only requires an internet connection and a website with a search function.

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