Monday, August 19, 2013

Gender Equality

By Frank Waszut

I'm a nice guy with psychopathic tendencies that has never hit a woman in my life. I don't hit them mostly due to the fact that I was raised not to by my parent. Also due to the fact that the last thing I need to deal with is explaining to a cop why some dumb bitch has two black eyes due to the fact that she doesn't understand the concept of me only being interested in her for her body and how she doesn't have any legal right to go snooping on my cell phone. Let's be honest guys; most women aren't worth the energy expenditure of a right hook to the temple no matter how much they ask for it. Besides if a woman pisses me off that bad I just write a story about one of my sexual encounters with them and post them on this blog with any topless pictures they have sent me. It's totally legal to shame them without giving away their identity but illegal to nail them in the liver with a round house kick so that they can catch their breath and contemplate why cock blocking is such a cunt move. Yet they want equal rights, equal pay, and paid maternity leave.

That's the society we live in today; one where women have a stronger voice due to the 19th Amendment which gave them the right to vote or I should say where women got something else from men to get them to shut the fuck up since we'd all like to get a steak, a blow job, and some silence at some point so we can watch re runs of Archer. As a result we now have women that preach their ideologies with the most notable one being sexism feminism. If you listen to one of these stupid cunts without knowing they are a feminist then you would think that they suffered from low self-esteem, turrets syndrome, acute narcissism, and a diet that consisted most of lead based paint chips. The preach about women being victimized by society while acting like victims themselves since all they do is preach with little to no practice of their ideas. They want respect from men but they want it to be given to them. Just like how the German people wanted an answer in the economic downturn in the years preceding World War II and along came Hitler to give them one.

Now this might seem cruel comparing feminists to Nazi's but then again the truth always is. Anyone that claims that one sect of humanity is superior to another and thus should be treated that way is prejudice plain and simple. They just want a thousand year tampon soaked reich just like the Nazi's did with the only difference being the Aryans being the master race, feminists want women to be the master gender when in reality they already are in a way since biologically speaking they hold the keys to humanity's survival in between their legs and most don't even know how to go about using this simple fact to their advantage or why it drives men to practice of using the faces of women as focus mitts. Deep down a lot of these women like it because at least they are still getting attention while being able to justify their hubris of playing the "damsel in distress" role which in reality is nothing more than thinking and acting like a victim. This isn't all women though which is the entire point of me writing this article in the first place.

I have had sex, been friends, had relationships, and been cheated on by women ever since I lost my virginity at the age of 19. I have been a variety of them and honestly I love them and love having sex with them; I'm a heterosexual male so that's par for the course. I have also have come to the aid of many women playing the damsel in distress role and have beaten the tar out of guys that I have witnessed abusing women in a violent manner. On the flip side I have been hit by women for illogical reasons and furthermore I have been lucky enough to have slept with women that could beat the ever living tar out of most guys and that's not an exaggeration. There was one woman in particular on here that has been the subject of many of my stories that went to jail before due to being charged with assault for beating up a guy that was assaulting her boyfriend at the time and by beat up I mean nearly sending him to the hospital with her bare hands. She was actually the one that got me out of many of my victimized trains of thought. In other words a lot of the ideas I have on this subject come from the sharing of ideas I had with a women that I was very intimate with and still have strong feelings for. I now realize much of this is due to the fact that she epitomized that she represented what women should aspire. Someone that is strong in spirit, easy on the eyes, intelligent, and yet doesn't lose her feminine essence. In other words she was Wonder Woman. After having have had her in my life she kind of ruined other women for me.

Now a days all I can do is think about her when I some other dumb broad bitch about why they don't get paid the same as guys while at the same time bitching about why her boyfriend won't take her to a more expensive restaurant with no mention of thinking it might work if she was willing to split the bill. That's because most women think that guys are supposed to pay for a meal. Newsflash ladies, we are only supposed to pay taxes, die, and masturbate to internet porn so that we don't flip our shit and go on a killing spree like Gary Ridgeway. Anything beyond that we do for you is an act of kindness and one that is not really appreciated because you still look for excuses to not put out afterwards and dehumanize they guy when he has a problem with it. It's part of what makes most guys go insane and want to have sex with your best friend or sister.

Now I'm not saying that this train of thought is completely the fault of women. Many men in positions of power throughout history have preached about how women are suppose to be inferior due to biological differences. It's the same reason why many African Americans are prejudice towards white people due to how they were treated by them for the past 400 years. I'm not saying that the prejudice is justified as I feel no prejudice should be justified but at the same time I do understand why and honestly as far as society is concerned they still don't receive the fair shake that all humans deserve regardless of their beginnings. The thing that most people don't understand is that you can't defeat prejudice with prejudice and women should expect to be treated as equals while acting like victims. Yeah, you might have actual been through some very real shit and have every reason to be one but if you do that then you are allowing that aggressor victory over you. Just like how after 9/11 we had jerk off politicians saying that if you don't keep capitalism going then the terrorists win even though the nature of our capitalism is what led to the lives lost that day in the first place for more than anything that those that committed the acts were victims of capitalism and were conditioned to think like victims just like how our nation now does in the wake of it.

This is a train of thought that needs to stop and it's a very simple one. All women need to do to get equal treatment is to stop treating men like their pre-conceived stereotype. Instead of looking at them like aggressors or tyrants start viewing them and treating them as human beings instead. The more you do this the more they will be inclined to do so. That is how you can get respect, by earning it just like anyone has to. Look at Rhonda Rhousey, she is a true beacon for equal treatment of women because she's beautiful, intelligent, friendly, non-judgmental, and can beat most anyone's ass; girl or guy. She breaks barriers instead of wallowing in despair with in them. Look at Texas state senator Wendy Davis who went for 13 hours without so much as a meal or a bathroom break to filibuster and temporarily halt a restrictive piece of anti-abortion legislation from going through the Texas State House. These are just two examples of women using actions instead of words to get the respect of their peers which is what all women and all people should do since like said, respect is earned.

Since I do actually like all women I have come up with some ideas for them to get the respect they desire so much without actually having to ask or beg for it. Anyway here it goes ladies. If you have some sand in your vagina you may want to douche and punch yourself in the cunt before reading:

1. Start learning Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Yea, yea I know. You feel like buying a taser, pepper spray, or carrying a .22 in your purse is all you need. I'm also sure that you think that aerobic kick boxing class is all you need to fight an attacker off and you would be wrong. Most attackers will wait to attack you from a blind spot so that you don't have time to reach into your purse for your weapon and pin you on your back in order to rape you, beating you unconscious if they have to. I know this may sound disturbing but it's a fact. There are people that do not share your moral compass and could care less about the laws. Many will just kill you afterwards and dispose of your body with no guarantee that such an individual will ever face a judge for it. There are thousands of cold cases involving rape and murder unsolved. It's hard to hear but it is a fact. The thing is though they will try to grab and over power you which is what Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu was designed to defend against.

It is a martial art with a focus on ground fighting using position and leverage to put an attacker into a position where large joint locks and chokes can be used to subdue, incapacitate, or kill an attacker if necessary; even if you are pinned down on your back. It gives you control of the situation with the means to end it regardless of strength, size, or body type. There was a story about one woman who trained at a Gracie Jiu Jitsu school in San Francisco whom faced such a situation with an attacker trying to rape her and she subdued him with a technique called a triangle choke and held him their till police arrived despite the fact that she gave up 100lbs to him. She never became a victim or a statistic and it's due to the fact that she didn't want to think like a victim in the first place and trained Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in order to defend herself. I guarantee you that attacker has a lot more respect for her now along with the cops whom arrested him.

2. Stop expecting a date to pay for the entire date.

I know all you ladies what that charming knight in shining armor type that is well mannered. Here's a short list of people that were well mannered and charming throughout history:

-Adolf Hitler
-Joseph Stalin
-Gary Ridgeway (The Green River Killer)
-Jeffrey Dahmer
-Ted Bundy
-Saddam Hussein
-Josef Mengele

Also here's a video (you can skip to the 4 minute mark to get to the main point but the whole thing is worth watching):

For those that don't want to watch it the bottom line is that there are some very malicious individuals out there that are also very charming and know what you want to hear to get what they want. These individuals are called psychopaths and once they know your are gullible and will conform to their will through bribery then they will have no respect for you and manipulate you to their desires. Furthermore when they don't get what they expect, i,e, sex in return for paying for te date and you aren't in the mood they may try to force it anyway in the worst case scenario and in the best case call you all sorts of derogatory terms and what not. Killer or not guys are assholes and some are better at hiding it than others. By splitting the bill there are no false expectations and the ball, i.e. your vagina, is still understood to be in your court plus the guy doesn't have to feel offended in any way shape or form. He'll more than likely respect you for it because you treated him as a human being instead of as a "male". Ladies I know you have emotions and feelings but so do guys and we don't like having them hurt anymore than you do.

3. If you are in a relationship give the man a blow job a few times a week.

Now I know a lot of you think that wrapping your lips around your man's jizz nozzle is demeaning but here are some things that are demeaning to men:

-carrying your purse
-carrying your purse while you try on a pair of shoes at the mall
-buying you tampons
-buying a plan B pill
-buying you drinks at the bar
-letting you get away with demeaning us in public while other guys would get a beer bottle broken over your head for it
-getting mad and having a hissy fit every time we won't let you drive
-you not shutting the fuck up in a conversation so that we can't get a word
-running the vacuum while the game is on
-using the pain of child birth to win an argument
-going down on you
-snooping through our phone calls and text messages
-chewing us out for checking out other women when we are genetically wired to do that

Even though these things are very demeaning to us we put up with them because we actually care about and affection is all about understanding and forgiveness while putting the relationship ahead of ourselves. The least you could do is do your part. Now if you are the type that says you shouldn't have to do that because we're guys and you are a woman then just know we may not keep arguing for the sake of the relationship but do realize that we will zero respect for you no matter what tell you. You just be the "ball and chain" instead of our "life partner". We will make excuses to not hang out with you and hang out with our buddies instead which is our version of saying that "we have a headache" when we are in the mood. That brings me to another point.

4. Stop using a "headache" as an excuse to not have sex.

This is has always been a tried and true cop out to not have sex when you are in the mood. If you are not in the mood to have sex then just say so and tell us why. We can take honesty and rejection. Men becoming monogamous with a women is the very result of a process of trial and error due to rejection. That's we learn. When you lie and pull excuses for why you don't want to have sex with us it denies us of valuable information into how to make you happy and to treat in way that you wish to be treated.

Now I know that some of you actually do get headaches but the truth is it is not an excuse to not have sex. Actually it is more of a reason to since the act of sexual intercourse has been found to release oxytocin in the brain which forms endorphins which relieves and cures headaches. Don't believe me? Here's another video:

Ladies, after watching that video you can either accept the truth or go back to your drawing board to come up with a new line of bullshit to control your man with like a pet.

5. Stop stating an opinion on a subject that you have not done any research on (and religious texts don't count as research).

I know a lot of you ladies have college degrees and that diploma makes you think that you are the next Leonard Susskind when the subject of holographic principle in regards to the information loss paradox on the study of black holes comes up but unless you have actually read up on the subject then you haven't gathered enough information to form an educated opinion on the subject. You whatever you say will be about as valuable as the last thing you queefed. If you want your opinion to be valued then do some fucking research and let it roll around in your head for awhile. If the subject comes up and you don't know anything about then shut the fuck up and listen; you might learn something valuable that you never thought of before to expand your horizons. I know you might not agree with the opinions of others, but unless you actually understand the subject at hand then your opinion means jack shit and we don't care whether we agree or not because your opinion isn't qualified. It's like a kid with a down syndrome trying to take on Kasparov in a game of chess on his first try. A better idea would be to ask questions which I know can be hard for you at times because you love to be the center of attention; it's part of your wiring and we know that. That doesn't it's not annoying as fuck at times. We don't respect people that are annoying; guy or girl.

6. Stop preaching about a man's place

We know where a man's place is. We actually have it categorized. The places we should be are:

A. In between your legs
B. On the couch watching football or watching some shitty romantic comedy if you are sitting next to us.
C. On the grill if you want us to cook
D. Out in yard mowing the lawn.
E. At work

The funny thing is woman are more than happy to talk about a man's place but when talk about theirs all of a sudden it's not politically correct and offensive. Well first off Richard Nixon was politically correct and second being offended is a sign of low intelligence which tells us your place on the IQ scale. So do yourself a favor and realize that a relationship is a two way street.

These are just a few tips to get the equal treatment that you desire and should have. It has to be earned though since nothing is given now matter how hard you want it to be and honestly it doesn't hold any value if it didn't come via some sort of struggle. In closing be a woman, be proud, earn your keep, stand your ground, educate yourself, and don't think like a victim. We want a woman, not a pussy.

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