Sunday, August 25, 2013

An Ocean of Thought

I posted recently on my theory that black holes are elementary particles of gravity called gravitions and our perceptions are source of the illusory contradictions between general relativity and quantum mechanics while also explaining the validity of string theory and the holographic principle. Then I got to thinking that if a black hole is a particle then it must be string with it's surface being the end point of our relative probabilistic illusory 3 dimensional reality surrounded by a 2 dimensional deterministic surface. Then I really got to thinking that a black hole is the end point of a graviton string then maybe our universe is the graviton string while everything in it is its quarks, leptons, bosons, but on our perceived macroscopic scales they appear to us as matter which would explain why gravity is so weak in microscopic domains since in that realm probability rules.

Intelligent life can be viewed as elementary particles, particles capable of observing themselves thus giving them a determined position relative to other ripples on the strings of space-time (Higgs Field); sentient particles if you will. Since we are composed of vibrating strings going to the tune of gravity, at least in our box that is our universe, we are only aware of symphonies that we can only be sensed on the frequencies that are noticeable out of evolutionary necessity. That's why we have the senses that we do along with perceptions of the illusory concepts of "big and small", "fast and slow", "heavy or light", and "dense or porous". It's like they say in judicial system, perception is everything. More precisely it's our perceptions of what we presume to be everything. This is neither good or bad nor is it black and white. Both are the results of interpreting our reality governed by gravity. When you truly think about it, gravity is the ultimate puppet master and magician. It makes it possible for us to be here, can destroy us at any time, and gives the illusion of our material macroscopic world. It is a galactic Houdini.

But here is a question; if gravity is also a particle and thus a string then what is striking it? Every string must be struck to conduct a symphony. Why should gravity be an exception? This got me to thinking of what could govern gravity. That's when I realized how much gravity has irritated me at times throughout my life. All can relate to this. Something falls, something breaks, it doesn't sit well with us. However that's as far as gravity goes; the impact, the contact, the inevitable result of the fall and crash. We get frustrated and complain yet the answer to it is simple. We pick it up; put it back together. It has an origin and governance too. One that is aware of strings; a thought. Or maybe it's thoughts. Thoughts that are floating these strings of gravity in which we are contained. Strings that could be infinite floating on an endless, never ending ocean of thought that has always been there. Maybe it's an ocean that thought of gravity itself in order to test it's ideas. An idea that it left for sentient quarks to translate; maybe that's what free will is. Maybe that's what the source of our problems as a species. Maybe the information for our survival is right in front of us but we take it too literally before translating it properly and accurately. Just a thought.

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